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James Nimmo & Co.

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Not known
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1860s ?
On formation of James Nimmo & Company Ltd in 1893?
Registered office:

16 Bothwell Street Glasgow

Oil works:

The Nimmo family were coalmasters whose operations were initially focussed on the Slamannan area. Evidence suggests that John Nimmo, (operating as the firm of John Nimmo) opened his first colliery at Drumclair in 1857, and later established Grangepans Oil Works and Limerigg Oil Works. John had four sons, all of whom were active in the coal trade. The precise relationship between their various business interests is unclear but it is assumed that James Nimmo & Company was formed by James, son of John Nimmo. James also seem to have been part of the copartnership of Nimmo & McKillop, coalmasters at Drumclair, Lochhouse and Bowhouse during the early 1870s.

In addition to a rapidly expanding colliery business, James Nimmo & Company established the short-lived Longrigg Oil Works in the early 1880s. The firm was floated as a limited company in 1893 (company No. 2580) and restructured in 1897 (company No. 3639) and operated a range of collieries in Lanarkshire and Stirlingshire, some of which survived to be taken over by the National Coal Board in 1947.


  • James Nimmo
  • others ?


  • Longrigg Oil Works
  • Various collieries, including Longrigg, Lochend, and Kippsbyre

  • Newspaper references
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      • Nimmo, James, & Co. coalmasters, Longrigg & Lochend collieries, Slamannan; office 16 Bothwell St (1871-72)
      • Nimmo, James, & Co. coalmasters, Longrigg & Lochend collieries, Slamannan and Kippsbyre colliery, Airdrie; office 16 Bothwell St (1873)
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      • Nimmo, James, Slamannan under Paraffin and Mineral Oil Manufacturers (1878)
      • NIMMO & CO., Ltd., JAMES, Registered Office: 21, Bothwell Street, Glasgow. Telegraphic Address: "Nimmo, Glasgow." Telephone Nos.: 710,711, and 712 Central. Chairman and Managing Director: SIR ADAM NIMMO, K.B.E., 7, Gt. Western Terrace, Glasgow. Other Directors: JOHN M. MITCHELL, 10, Crown Gardens, Glasgow. MATTHEW R. MITCHELL, Morton Villa, Airdrie. JOHN ALSTON, Municipal Buildings, Coatbridge. General Manager: GEORGE GIBB. (1924)

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