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Clippens Oil Co. Ltd. (1878)

Company number:
Registered in Scotland, No. 808
Share capital:
9th February 1878
10th December 1894
Registered office:

16 Bothwell Street, Glasgow (from 9th February 1878); 27 Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow (from 21st May 1887)

Oil works:

A limited company formed to take forwards the interests of the Renfrewshire-based Clippens Shale Oil Company, of which James Scott was, by that time, the sole remaining director. In 1879, the Clippens Oil Co. Ltd acquired mineral rights at Pentland, and in c.1885 purchased the Straiton Oil Works from the Midlothian Oil Co. Ltd. The company was dissolved following the promotion of a new limited company, the Clippens Oil Co. Ltd (1893).


  • William McKinnon - Accountant Glasgow.
  • James Scott - Merchant, Glasgow
  • Thomas Inglis Scott - Merchant, Glasgow

  • Associated references
    • Registration Records transcribed from dissolved company records held by the National Archives of Scotland.

  • Prospectus (March 1882)
    • Prospectus of the Clippens Oil Company Ltd, transcribed from the Scotsman

      CLIPPENS OIL COMPANY (LIMITED) PROSPECTUS.....The Company was incorporated on 9th February 1879, and then took over the Works, Pits, Railways, Houses, Leases, &c. together with the Stock-in-Trade of the unincorporated Company called the Clippens Shale Oil Company, of which Mr. James Scott was the then sole partner, at a price of £150,000 as per agreement hereinafter referred to. The Company has since incorporation extended upwards of £25,000 in additions and improvements to the works at Clippens, and the result is that it has already refines and now can refine, upwards of 450,000 gallons of crude oil per month into Scale, Wax, Burning Oil , Lubricating Oil, &c. &c. The company has at present two Pit leases at Clippens (copies of which can be seen at the Company's Office), for shale, ironstone and coal, which it is at presently working, but which when the Pentland Property, hereafter referred to, is further developed, it is intended to discontinue working. In 1879, the Company acquired under lease, and on favour able terms, the extensive field of minerals at Pentland, about 6 miles from Edinburgh............ The Pentland works has been, for the last four months, in full operation with the most satisfactory results; but in order to drive the full benefit of the acquisition of this property, it is proposed to erect extra retorts and appurtenances, to enable the company to distil 180,000 to 200,000 tons of Shale per annum.... It is intended that the works at Pentland shall be devoted to raising the Shale and manufacturing it into Crude Oil, Ammonia. &c., and the works at Clippens to refining the Crude Oil into Wax, Burning Oil, Lubricating Oil. &c.

      The Scotsman, 25th March 1882