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Caledonian Mineral Oil Co. Ltd. (1889)

Company number:
Registered in England, No. 29069
Share capital:
Registered office:

144 Leadenhall Street, London

Oil works:

A company promoted in Engand to acquire the rights and property at Tarbrax Oil Works and Lanarkmoor Oil Works, previously held by the Lanark Oil Company, which was wound up in 1886. The Caledonian Mineral Oil Co. Ltd invested heavily in new plant and mines, but encountered economic problems and was wound-up in 1898. A new company, also titled the Caledonian Mineral Oil Co. Ltd was then formed, registered in Scotland.

Provost Donald Tulloch Sutherland was also a board member of the Bathgate Oil Co. Ltd and the West Lothian Oil Co. Ltd.


  • Alexander James MacDonald - Milland, Sussex (Chairman, Kimberley Water Works Company Ltd)
  • Provost Donald Tulloch Sutherland - Bathgate, Scotland
  • J. W. Chisholm - 18 Hanover Square, W.
  • William Jardine - The Rhinds, Balleston, Scotland (Managing Director of Goodwin, Jardine & Company Ltd)
  • James Algernon - J. P., White Hall, Colchester

  • Newspaper references
    • The directors and shareholders of the Caledonian Mineral Oil Company spent the greater part of Friday and Saturday in visiting their works at Tarbrax and Lanark. Though the Company was incorporated last summer, the directors and shareholders, most of whom reside in England – the head office of the Company being in London – have not until now inspected their property; and, accordingly, the more important part of the proceedings on these two days took the form of a pretty exhaustive examination of the plant and machinery employed in the conversion of the shale into marketable commodities. Registered in June last, with a nominal capital of £120,000, of which £75,000 has been called up, and with Mr Alexander J. Macdonald, Milland, Sussex, as chairman of the directors, the Company had for its object the acquisition of the works of the Lanark Oil Company, which went into liquidation four years ago, and the shale fields of the estates of Tarbrax, Greenfield, and Cobbinshaw, the latter of which had not been held by the Lanark Company.

      Scotsman, Monday 7th April 1890

  • Associated references
    • Registration Records transcribed from dissolved company records held by the National Archives of Scotland.

  • Related file records
    • 143048 - The Caledonian Mineral Oil Co Ltd Prospectus - The Caledonian Mineral Oil Co Ltd Prospectus dated 1st June, 1889. Includes: List of directors; Report on Tarbrax and Lanark Works Plan of the Shale Fields leased by the Caledonian Oil Company Limited, situate in Lanarkshire, Scotland, consisting of 2315 acres as shown on this plan - highlighted in red, yellow and green. Scale: 0.5"=1000' A copy of The Caledonian Mineral Oil Company, Limited's Form of Application for Shares; Ground plan of works of The Caledonian Mineral Oil Company Limited, Lanark Refinery, undated. Scale: 1"=30'