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Capeldrae Coal & Oil Co. Ltd.

Company number:
Registered in Scotland, No. 29069
Share capital:
5th January 1866
Wound-up 9th February 1879, dissolved 25th November 1881
Registered office:

Westfield of Capeldrae by Lochgelly (11th June 1866)

A Company established to produce oil from the bituminous shales found in the Capeldrae area. A court case indicates that there were plans to restructure the company in 1878 in order to raise additional capital and obtain the necessary powers to manufacture refine oil products in addition to the production of the crude oils. This did not go forward, and consequently an agreement to purchase refinery equipment from the Coatbridge Oil Company fell through.


  • Lawrence Anderson - Manager, Capeldrae Colliery, near Lochgelly
  • Andrew Ayton - residing in Edinburgh
  • Robert Ayton - Writer to the Signet, residing in Edinburgh
  • Andrew Landale - Manager, Capeldrae Colliery, new Lochgelly
  • George Sinclair - 5 Buckingham Terrace, Edinburgh
  • James Terris - Beath
  • Andrew Wood MD - 9 Darnaway Street, Edinburgh

  • Associated references
    • Registration Records transcribed from dissolved company records held by the National Archives of Scotland.