Scottish shale Scottish shale

W. & T. Kelt

Company number:
Not known
Share capital:
Not known
Estate sequestered 23rd July 1867
Registered office:

11 South Frederick Street

Oil works:

One of a number of small firms operating at Avonhead oil works and supplied with shale by the Avonhead Coal Co.

"W.& T. Kelt, mineral oil manufacturers, 11 South Frederick St; house 4 Kelvingrove St." is listed in the Glasgow Post Office directory of 1866. Thomas Kelt is listed in trade directories of the period as a commission agent operating from 4 Stormont St., Glasgow; house, 4 Kelvingrove St., Glasgow.


  • William Kelt
  • Thomas Kelt

  • Newspaper references
    • Estates of W. & T. KELT, Mineral Oil Manufacturers, Avonhead, near Airdrie, as a Company, and William Kelt and Thomas Kelt, Mineral Oil Manufacturers there, the sole Partners of said Company, as such Partners, and as Individuals, were sequestrated on the 23rd day of July 1867, by the Sheriff of Lanarkshire. The first deliverance is dated the 23d July 1867. The meeting to elect the Trustee an Commissioner is to be held at 12 o'clock noon, on Friday the 2nd day of August 1867, within the Faculty of Procurators Hall. Saint George's Place, Glasgow. A composition may be offered at this meeting ; and to entitle Creditors to the first dividend, their oaths and grounds of debt must be lodged on or before the 2nd day of November 1867. All future Advertisements relating to this sequestration will be published in the Edinburgh Gazette alone. THOS. G. WRIGHT, Writer, Glasgow, Agent.

      Edinburgh Gazette 26th July 1867