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Westwood Oil Co.

Active in the oil business from c.1865
Active in the oil business until c.1874

Captain Robert Steuart (often spelled "Stewart") of Westwood House was active in exploiting the mineral resources of his estate. Work began in construction of the Westwood paraffin oil works c.1865, the proprietor being recorded in valuation rolls as "Robert Stewart (?) & Co. The 1870 Post Office directory for Edinburghshire lists "Steuart & Co., Westwood oil works, West Calder"

From 1869 until 1871 valuation rolls records the proprietors as "Captain Robert Stewart / Westwood Oil Company". It is not know whether this reflects a change in the ownership or status of the firm.


  • Captain Robert Steuart
  • others ?

  • Newspaper references
    • Since 1864, several oil works have been erected of which we may mention...the Westwood Shale Oil Company on the estate of Captain Steuart...

      Falkirk Herald, 11th February 1869


      The Bankruptcy of Peter Lawson & Sons. The adjourned examination of Henry Graham Lawson, one of the partners in the firm of Peter Lawson & Sons, merchants, London and Edinburgh, was resumed yesterday before Sheriff-substitute Hamilton... I have prepared the following statement, given in approximate figures, of all the losses of my firm which I have been able to ascertain.... (6) Westwood Oil Company, £8,500...…. and the loss from the Westwood Oil Company was in, as far as I can remember, in 1867.

      Scotsman 19th April 1873