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Kirkliston Oil Co.

Company number:
Not known
Share capital:
c. 1870
Registered office:

Not known

A firm established either to take over operation of Almondhill Oil Works or to develop new oil works at Dalmeny.

Robert Thomas Pattison was also a partner in the Dundas Shale Oil Co.; see that page for further details


  • Robert Thompson Pattison - Oil Manufacturer, South Queensferry
  • Alexander Hope Pattison - Oil Manufacturer, South Queensferry, later Manchester

  • Newspaper references
    • TO THE CREDITORS ON The Sequestrated Estates of The KIRKLISTON OIL COMPANY, as a Company, and of Robert Thompson Pattison, Oil Manufacturer, residing at South Queensferry, and Alexander Hope Pattison, Oil Manufacturer, sometime residing at South Queensferry, now in Manchester, the Individual Partners thereof, and as Individuals. By virtue of an Order of the Lord Ordinary officiating on the Bills, Robert Thompson Pattison and Alexander Hope Pattison, above designed, hereby intimate that they have presented a Petition to the Lord Ordinary officiating on the Bills, to be finally discharged of all debts and obligations contracted by them, or either of them, or for which they or either of them, as Partners of the said Kirkliston Oil Company, and as Individuals, were liable at the date of the Sequestration of their Estates, and of the Estates of the said Kirkliston Oil Company, in terms of the Statutes.

      Edinburgh Gazette, 23rd February 1872