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British Oil & Candle Co. Ltd.

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13th April 1880
Resolution to wind up, 4th August 1883, dissolved 9th August 1885
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A short-lived limited company, headed by Peter Dow, previously manager of the North British Oil and Candle Co. Ltd., operators of Lanarkmoor oil works. That company appears to have been inactive from 1878, following a major fire at the refinery, and was dissolved in 1880.

Company registration records indicates that Peter Dow, trading as the British Oil & Candle Co,. had agreed, in association with Edinburgh brewer Peter Lorimer and others, to purchase the Lanarkmoor oil works, and formed the British Oil & Candle Co. Ltd. to take that interest forward.

Valuation rolls indicate that the British Oil & Candle Co. Ltd were occupiers of the Tarbrax oil works between 1883 and 1885, although the low ratable value suggests that the works remained silent throughout this period.


  • Peter Dow - The British Oil and Candle Company, Lanark
  • George Lorimer - 2 Abbotsford Crescent, Edinburgh, Brewer
  • Henry James Lorimer - 7 Warrender Park Crescent, Edinburgh
  • Thomas Alfred Clark Mortimer - 6 Morningside Place, Edinburgh, Gun-maker


Advertisment from Slater's trade directory, 1882

  • Associated references
    • Registration Records transcribed from dissolved company records held by the National Archives of Scotland.