Scottish shale Scottish shale

Dickson Candle Co. Ltd.

Company number:
Registered in Scotland No.804
Share capital:
Not known
28th December 1877
15th March 1882
Registered office:

Loanead, Midlothian

Oil works:

A limited company formed to take forward the candle-making business of Stair Dickson; a co-partnership in which Stair Dickson, Alexander Dickson, and Charles Dickson were partners, previously based in Dalkeith, but with land leased to build the Edgefield Candleworks, Loanhead. The company were candle manufacturers and tallow makers, and while there is no evidence that they were involved in processing of shale oil products at Edgefield, the premises are close to the Pentland and Straiton oil works, and share a site with premises marked on OS maps as Eldin Oil Works.


  • James Blair - Drysalter, 40 Leith Street, Edinburgh
  • Stair Dickson - Candlemaker, Dalkeith
  • Walter Dickson - Candlemaker, 140 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh
  • David Dove - Edinburgh
  • James Gray - Banker, Dalkeith

Download Registration Records transcribed from dissolved company records held by the National Archives of Scotland.