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Peter Scott (firm)

Company number:
Not known
Share capital:
1865 or earlier
1867 or later
Registered office:

Not known

Oil works:

Proprietors of the short-lived Armadale oil works, listed in the 1867 Slater's royal national commercial directory under Paraffin and Mineral Oil Manufacturers as "Peter Scott, Armadale".


  • Peter Scott
  • Duncan Livingston ?

  • Newspaper references
    • Mr Peter Scott, who had come from Bathgate and opened an ironmongery shop, influenced by the great profits that were believed to be made from the oil industry, induced Mr. Duncan Livingston, a well-to-do miner, to join with him in building up an oil work a short distance east from the South Street railway level crossing. Here, in 1865, they sank a pit to a seam of shale, and erected plant for extracting the oil. The deposit of shale, however, did not prove of a paying quality, and after a short experience, in which the partners lost heavily, the works were abandoned, the only thing left to mark the spot being a small bing of burnt blaes and the office and weigh-house, now owned and occupied by Mr. William Paul.

      From Armadale: Past and Present by R. Hynd-Brown, published in the West Lothian Courier, 1906