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New Hermand Oil Co. Ltd.

Company number:
Registered in Scotland, No. 4179
Share capital:
10th March 1899
10th June 1905
Registered office:

144 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow

Oil works:

The New Hermand Oil Company Ltd was formed on 10th March 1899 as a result of the reconstruction of the Hermand Oil Company Ltd. After resolving the numerous difficulties of restarting operations at Breich Oil Works which had lain idle for nearly 8 years, the works were back in full operation by August 1899. However, in February 1902 the Company faced insurmountable financial difficulties following the collapse of the Linlithgow Oil Company Ltd who had, prior to this, purchased 50% of the crude oil they produced.

Following an unsuccessful attempt to reconstruct the Company in May 1902, and subseqent efforts to sell the works and mines as a going concern, the company assets were sold to the Pumpherston Oil Co. Ltd.. The Company was finally dissolved in June 1905.


  • David Stewart - 30 George Square, Glasgow
  • David Russell - Cadham, Markinch, Fife
  • William Logan - Coalmaster, Edinburgh
  • James Ross - 23 Bath Street, Leith
  • Ebeneezer Chalmers - Bonnington, Leith

  • Shareholders' meetings and Company registration
  • Newspaper references

      NOTICE. – In a petition at the instance of E, CHALMERS & COMPANY, LIMITED, incorporated under the Companies Acts 1862 to 1890, presented to the Lords of Council and Session (First Division – Mr Couper, Clerk), praying their Lordships for an order for the winding up by the Court, under the provisions of the Companies Acts, 1862 to 1900, of the New Hermand Oil Company, Limited, incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1862 to 1893, and having its Registered Office at Breich, West Calder, their Lordships have been pleased to pronounce the following interlocutor: -

      “Edinburgh, 10th March 1903. – The Lords appoint the petition to be intimated on the walls and in the minute book in common form and to be served upon the New Hermand Oil Company, Limited, and upon John Oliver, 114 George Street, Edinburgh; also appoint a notice of the petition to be advertised once in the “Edinburgh Gazette” and once in each of “The Scotsman” and “Glasgow Herald” Newspapers, and allow the said Company and all persons having interest to lodge answers within eight days after such intimation, service, and advertisement. – Kinross, I.P.D” Of which all intimation is hereby given. F. H. LOCKHART THOMSON, W.S., 114 George Street, Edinburgh, 10th March 1903.

      The Scotsman, 11th March 1903


      THE NEW HERMAND OIL COMPANY Limited , in LIQUIDATION. INTIMATION IS HEREBY GIVEN that on a Note presented to the Right Honourable the .Lords of Council and Session (Lord Kyllachy, Ordinary; Mr Brown, Clerk), for John Oliver, 114 George Street, Edinburgh, Official Liquidator of the above Company, the Lord Ordinary officiating on the Bills has pronounced the following Interlocutor:- 22d July 1903.

      “The Lord Ordinary Officiating on the Bills ordains all creditors of the Company to lodge their claims and grounds of debt with the Liquidator by the 31st day of August 1903, or to be excluded from the benefit of any distribution made before said claims and grounds of debt are lodged: Appoints this Order for claims to be advertised once in the ‘Edinburgh Gazette’ and twice a week for two successive weeks in the ‘Scotsman’ and ‘Glasgow Herald’ Newspapers.

      “A. Low” Of all which intimation is hereby given. F. H. LOCKHART THOMSON, W.S., Agent for the Liquidator. 114 George Street, Edinburgh. 24th July 1903.

      The Scotsman 5th August 1903