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Eldin Oil Co.

By 1870
1874 or later
Registered office:

Not known

Oil works:

The Whitebogs (Eldin) Oil Works, in the parish of Lasswade are listed in valuation rolls between 1870 and 1874; the proprietor being listed as "Eldin Oil Co.". The oil works plant was advertised for sale in December 1874. Nothing is known of this colliery.

In 1883, a limited company; the Eldin Colliery Co. Ltd, was formed to take forward the interests of the Eldin Colliery Co.; proprietors of the Eldin Coalfield in the parish of Lasswade. Among the objectives of the company were the mining of coals and shales and the production of oils from them. It is unclear what, if any, associations there were between the oil company and the subsequent colliery company, and no evidence that the Eldin Colliery Co. Ltd ever engaged in the production of oils.

Download Registration Records of the Eldin Colliery Co. Ltd. transcribed from dissolved company records held by the National Archives of Scotland