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Daniel Wylie & Son.

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Died 1866
Registered office:

18 Brougham Street, Edinburgh

A small scale oil refining business established by Daniel Wylie, former of Wylie & Davy, ironfounders of Stirling. Wylie died soon after the business was established, and the business was carried forward by his trustees and subsequently by Mrs. Jane Wylie.


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      DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERY. The Company Concern of WYLIE & DAVIE, Ironfounders in Stirling, carried on by the Subscribers, the sole Partners thereof, was of this date DISSOLVED by mutual consent. The Subscriber, James Davie, is authorised to collect the Company's outstanding accounts, and he will pay all their debts.


      Edinburgh Gazette, 25th October 1864


      Died, suddenly, at No. 10 Hamilton Place. Newington. on the 19th instant, Mr Daniel Wylie, paraffin oil manufacturer. Friends will please accept this intimation.

      Edinburgh Evening Courant, 22nd May 1866


      ALL Parties having CLAIMS against the Estate of the Late DANIEL WYLIE, sometime Iron-founder in Stirling, afterwards Paraffine Oil Maker at Uphall near Broxburn, and residing in Edinburgh, are requested to lodge within One Month, their Claims with the Subscriber: and to all Parties DUE the said estate are requested, within the like period to pay their Debts to the Subscriber.

      Glasgow Herald. 13th June 1866


      In an Application to the Commissary of Edinburgh, at the instance of Mrs Jake Henderson or Wylie, Executrix-dative qua relict of the late DANIEL WYLIE, Chemical Manufacturer, Uphall Chemical Works, Broxburn, near Linlithgow, and residing at 18 Brougham Street, Edinburgh, praying his Lordship to restrict the sum for which she shall find Caution, as Executrix foresaid, to the sum of £260, the Commissary has appointed intimation of the Petition to be made in the Edinburgh Evening Courant and North British Advertiser Newspapers, that all interested may be certiorated of the same; and ordained any person having objections to the prayer of the Petition being granted to lodge the same with the Clerk of Court, within Ten Days from the date of the Advertisement: Of all which, Intimation is hereby accordingly made. JAMES A. ROBERTSON, Solicitor. Edinburgh, November 1866.

      Edinburgh Evening Courant, 24th November 1866