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Uddingston Oil Co.

Company number:
Not known
Share capital:
1870 or earlier
1874 or later
Registered office:

Not known

Valuation rolls for Bredisholm oil works list the proprietor as the Bredisholm Oil Company between 1866 and 1869, and the Uddingston Oil Co. between 1870 and 1874. No further references to this company have been found.

  • Newspaper references
    • Important sale of Refinery Plant, &c., At Uddingston Oil Works, Near Glasgow

      J. Shirlaw & Son will sell, by public roup at Uddingston Mineral Oil Works, on Friday the 29th August 1874 at 11 o'clock A.M prompt, the whole Refinery Plant, Workshops, &c., consisting of 1 steam engine, 9in cyl, 9in stroke with double mall. Iron Crank Shaft, having sole and 2 side frames fitted with 2ft 4in and 2ft 3in plunger pumps.

      1 steam boiler 18ft x 5ft, 6in., with Mountings

      1 steam boiler 10 ft x 4ft

      1 steam boiler (egg end) 10ft x 3ft 6in

      1 set hydraulic pumps

      1 paraffin press plates 44in x 37in

      1 air pump and 8 centrifugal pumps

      1 brass force pump

      1 vertical bench drill with driving apparatus

      1 drum press 8in., daylight 6ft 6in x 5ft with drum 4ft dia x 3ft

      1 railway weighing machine

      1 barrel weighing machine

      Large beam and scales


      6 cast iron spherical oil stills 5ft 4in dia., 7ft high

      3 mall iron cylindrical oil stills 25ft x 7ft 6in

      1 mall iron pressure oil still (Egg ends), with feed cheats, blow-off cocks, &c. 25ft x 7ft 6in


      1 mall iron tank 30ft dia x 12ft

      2 mall iron tanks 15ft 6in dia x 6ft

      6 mall iron tanks 15ft dia x 6ft

      1 mall iron tank 10ft 4in dia x 7ft

      1 mall iron tank 10 ft dia x 4ft

      1 mall iron tank 25ft x 16ft x 21ft

      1 mall iron tank 21ft 9in x 17ft 6in x 4ft

      2 mall iron tanks 14ft x 8ft 5in x 1ft 3in

      8 mall iron mining tanks 10ft dia x 4ft 9in with covers

      1 cast iron tank 12ft x 12ft x 8ft in plates

      2 cast iron tanks 12ft x 12t x 4ft with cover

      1 cast iron tank 12ft x 12ft x 4ft

      2 cast iron tanks 6ft x 6ft x 4ft

      5 cast iron tanks 12ft x 4ft x 4ft with cover

      1 mall iron roof frame 112ft long x 27ft span

      Large quantity of 3in, M I shafting with pulleys

      Large quantity of light service and permanent rails

      Large quantity of scrap

      Superior office furniture and the whole brick slate and wood work of the various workshops on the premises. Usual terms – The works are situated about 1½ miles from the Uddingston station. C.R. N.B – there is a good railway siding into the works, which will be at the service of the purchases. Catalogues will be ready by Saturday the 22nd inst., and will be had from Mr Anderson, at the work; or from the auctioneers.

      Unknown publication, around 18th August 1874



      J. SHIRLAY & SON will Sell, by Public Roup, at Uddingston Mineral Oil-Works, on Friday, 28th August, 1874, at 11 o'clock A.M. prompt, the Whole REFINING PLANT, including Engines, Boilers, Cast and Malleable Iron Tanks, Cast and Malleable Iron Stills, Railway and other Weighing Machines, Hydraulic, Air, and Centrifugal Pumps, Paraffin Press, Drum Press, Malleable Iron Roofing, 3" Shafting with Pulleys, Service and Permanent Rails, Scrap, and the Whole Brick, Wood, and Slate Work of the various Workshops on the Premises, &c., &c.

      Usual Terms

      Catalogues will be ready by Saturday the 22nd inst., and will be had from Mr Anderson, at the Works; or from the Auctioneers.

      Glasgow Herald, 27th August 1874