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Hermand Oil Co. Ltd (1890)

Company number:
Registered in Scotland, No. 1982
Share capital:
11th March 1890
9th March 1899
Registered office:

43 West Regent Street, Glasgow (from 2nd April 1890)
Breich, West Calder (from 7th June 1894)

Oil works:

The Hermand Oil Company Ltd was formed on 11th March 1890 from the amalgamation of the Walkinshaw Oil Company Ltd and a previous concern also named the Hermand Oil Company Ltd. This new company acquired the undertakings, property and assets of the dissolved Walkinshaw and Hermand companies and was established to "carry on the business of manufacturers of mineral oils, miners, colliery proprietors, coalmasters, coke manufacturers, lime-masters, brick and earthenware manufacturers, manufacturers of lamps, manufacturing chemists, farmers, trades merchants and dealers in relation to all or any substances or products produced in such trades or businesses of any of them". The merger was intended to allow crude oil produced by the Hermand company to be refined at the Walkinshaw's works near Paisley

Due to a downturn in the Scottish oil trade, the company produced relatively little oil, with its Breich Oil Works lying idle for many years. The company was dissolved voluntarily on 9th March 1899 and reconstructed as the New Hermand Oil Company Ltd which was incorporated on 10th March 1899.


  • David Stewart - 1893/94
  • David Russell - 1893/94
  • William Logan - 1893/94
  • John Armour
  • Thomas Blaikie Park
  • George Lowe Reid
  • Arthur Russel
  • John Wilson MP


  • Thomas McL. Liddell - 1893/94

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    • The works of the Company have remained closed during the past year, as in the previous year; the state of the oil trade, and of the Company's position, preventing their being reopened and carred on. The expense of the caretaking of the works, and payment of fixed rents for mineral fields not worked, and the payment of taxes have had to be met, while no revenue was being received. The result of the working the brick-clay at Walkinshaw has been merged in the general charges attending the Walkinshaw section. The Directors cannot at present advise the recommencement of the works.

      Hermand Oil Company Ltd: Report by the Directors 20th July 1894


      HERMAND OIL COMPANY - The report by the directors of this company for the past year states that they had, after obtaining expert advice, decided to restart the works, more especially as they had subsequently been able to conclude an arrangement with the landlords, whereby a substantial reduction had been made in the rate of lordship of shale. If the company was to make a fresh start and have a fair chance, it would be necessary to raise further capital. The directors are of opinion that the best course to adopt is to reconstruct the company, and they hope to be in a position to give full particulars of a scheme with that end in view to a meeting to be held early in the ensuing year.

      Edinburgh Evening News, 17th December 1898

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