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E. Meldrum & Co.

Company number:
Not known
Share capital:
Operations commenced circa 1850
Partnership dissolved 31st December 1864
Registered office:

Craignestock, Glasgow?

Oil works:

One of three partnerships formed to operate Bathgate chemical works and associated business interests exploiting Young's patent, (the others being James Young & Co. and E.W. Binney & Co.) The firm of E. Meldrum appears to have been used mainly for marketing of oils, with offices at Craignestock in Glasgow.


  • Newspaper references
    • PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED - Bathgate Chemical Works, December 31, 1864.

      THE Copartnership hitherto subsisting between the Subscribers, the sole Partners, in the business of Paraffine Oil and Paraffine Manufacturers, &c., at Bathgate, Glasgow, and elsewhere, under the Firms of E. W. BINNEY & CO., and E. MELDRUM & CO., respectively, Expires this day, and is now DISSOLVED. The business will in future be carried on by Mr Young on his own account, and he is authorised to collect all outstanding debts and discharge all outstanding liabilities of the Copartnership now Dissolved.

      ED. MELDRUM.
      EDW. WM. BINNEY.

      JOHN GAIR, Writer, Falkirk, Witness. ALEX. BIRNIE, Book-keeper, Bathgate Works, Witness.

      Edinburgh Gazette, 3rd January 1865

      Uphall Mineral Oil Co.

    E. Meldrum & Co. (2)

    Date of Formation - Operations commenced circa 1866

    Date of Dissolution - Partnership dissolved on 1st May 1871 on formation of the Uphall Mineral Oil Company Ltd)

    Office - Operations based at Boghall, Bathgate, LinlithgowshireOil Works and Boghall Crude Oil Works

    The firm of E. Meldrum & Company was subsequently used as a title for the partnership of Meldrum & Simpson; proprietors of the Boghall Oil Works. The firm was dissolved in 1871 on formation of the Uphall Mineral Oil Co. Ltd.




    THE Copartnery heretofore existing under the Name or Firm of E. MELDRUM & COMPANY, trading as Manufacturers of Mineral Oil at Boghall, of which the Subscribers were the sole Partners, was DISSOLVED on the 1st day of May 1871, when the Business and Works of the Company were transferred to the Uphall Mineral Oil Company, Limited.


    The Edinburgh Gazette, 27th June 1871