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Robinson, Donald & Co.

Company number:
Not known
Share capital:
1864 or earlier
27th April 1864? - although the trading name appears to have been used until c.1871
Registered office:

Various in Glasgow

Oil works:

Available evidence suggests that the partnership of Robinson, Donald & Company was dissolved in 1864, but the company title continued to be used by Edwin Robinson until about 1867. Thereafter he appears to have carried on trade in partnership with John Wilson Robinson (his brother?) under the titles "Robinson Brothers" or J. & E. Robinson.

Robinson, Donald & Company are listed in the 1864-65, 1865-66, and 1866-67 Glasgow Post Office Directory as "Paraffin Lamp Manufacturers", based at Bothwell Lane, West Campbell Street (in 1864/5) and subsequently at Canal Bank, Port Dundas. They are also listed as "Paraffin Oil Manufacturers" in 1866-67, also at Canal Bank, Port Dundas. Entries in the1867-68 Glasgow Post Office Directory are listed under "Robinson Brothers". Subsequent listings continue under J & E Robinson.


  • Edwin Robinson
  • G. Donald - until 27th April 1864
  • William Moody - from some point after 27th April 1864 until 16th January 1867

  • Newspaper references
    • NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION. THE Copartnery Concern carried on by the Subscribers, sole Partners thereof, at Paraffine Lamp and Oil Merchants in Glasgow, was DISSOLVED of mutual consent on the 27th day of April last.The Subscriber, Edwin Robinson, will carry on the same Business in the same premises, under the same Firm ; and he will pay and is authorised to collect all debts due by and to the Company. ROBINSON, DONALD, & CO. - EDWIN ROBINSON., G. DONALD.

      Edinburgh Gazette, 6th May 1864


      NOTICE. THE Subscriber intimates that on 16th January 1867 -He ceased to be a Partner in the Firm of ROBINSON, DONALD, & CO., Paraffine Oil Manufacturers, Vulcan Oil Works, Port-Dundas, Glasgow. - WILLIAM MOODY.

      Edinburgh Gazette 18th January 1867


      SEQUESTRATION of THOMAS PAGE, Oil and Grease Merchant in Glasgow.JOHN WILSON, Accountant in Glasgow, has been elected Trustee on the Estate, and Peter Walker, Merchant, Glasgow, James Martin Storrar, Chemical and Produce Agent, Glasgow, and John Wilson Robinson, Oil Manufacturer, Glasgow, have been elected Commissioners.

      Edinburgh Gazetter 16th June 1871