Scottish shale Scottish shale

Whitebog Oil Works

Alternative names:
Eldin Oil Works
Former parish and county:
Parish of Lasswade, Edinburghshire
Local authority:
Constructed c.1870
Presumably cleared c.1874
Current status of site:
Farm and stables

Not listed by Redwood.

Apparently a small scale crude oil works, probably processing coal-shale from nearby collieries. Precise site is uncertain, presumably close to the settlement of Whitebog, a little to the east of Hawthornden Station. This site should not be confused with Eldin Oil Works, Straiton.

  • Rateable value by year
    • Date Rateable Value Owner Occupier Notes
      1870 £20 Eldin Oil Company Eldin Oil Company Per James Eaglesham
      1871 £20 Eldin Oil Company Eldin Oil Company
      1872 £26 Eldin Oil Company Eldin Oil Company Referred to as Eldin Oil Works
      1873 £26 Eldin Oil Company Eldin Oil Company
      1874 £26 Eldin Oil Company Eldin Oil Company
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  • Newspaper references

      There will be SOLD, at ELDIN OIL-WORKS, adjoining HAWTHORNDEN STATION, MID-LOTHIAN, on TUESDAY the 22nd DECEMBER, at 12 Noon. The Whole MATERIAL of the ELDIN OIL WORKS, comprising 8 Vertical Retorts – Young's Patent – Weighing about 5 Tons each; 2 sets upright Condensers, fit for Gas Work, and whole Fittings and Furnaces; 2 Eggend Boilers; Lever Cart Weighing Machine: 1 H.P. Engine, 10 inch Cylinder, with Winding Gear; 1 eggend boiler with Steam and Water Pipes and Furnace; about 30,000 Bricks. After this Sale, the following surplus Plant will be SOLD at POLTON COLLIERY, adjoining:..

      Scotsman, 14th December 1874