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Eldin Oil Works

Former parish and county:
Parish of Lasswade, Edinburghshire
Local authority:
Constructed c.1881
Closed 1883, although the site seems to have continued in use for candle production
Current status of site:
Oil and candle works site in use as an agricultural feed depot

Eldin oil works 25 OS map c1892.png

Not listed by Redwood. Apparently a small paraffin refinery associated with a candle works operated by the Dickson Candle Company. The oil works was subsequently sold to Handasyde & Co, presumably for the refining of animal or plant oils.

NOTE; The earlier and separate Whitebogs Oil Works was also known as Eldin Oil Works.

  • Rateable value by year
    • Date Rateable Value Owner Occupier Notes
      1881 £160 Dickson Candle Company Ltd Dickson Candle Company Ltd Loanhead
      1882 £80 Dickson Candle Company Ltd Dickson Candle Company Ltd Unlet
      1883 £80 Dickson John Lorne Dickson John Lorne Unlet
      1883 £25 Dickson Charles of Loanhead Dickson Charles of Loanhead
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      Suitable for candle works, oil refinery, chemical manure, candle, or other manufactory. The premises have been recently erected and used for candle making but can be adapted for other purposes. There is ample house accommodation (one of the buildings being 170'long and 34' wide). Two steam boilers, three pumping engines, and 72 large lead lined tanks, (holding 60 tons), 2 first class stills, paraffin refinery and appliances. There is a good supply of water and a railway siding belonging to and leading into the works for loading and unloading thus saving all cartage. The ground consists of 4 acres and there are 4 new cottages for workmen. There is complete candle machinery as well as accommodation and plant for tallow making which has been extensively and profitably carried on. Apply at Dickson Candle Company (Ltd.), Loanhead any day between 10 and 3 o'clock.

      Scotsman, 30th April 1881


      WANTED, Cooper; one accustomed to repair casks preferred.—Handasyde, Brydone, & Co. Eldin Oil Works, Loanhead

      Edinburgh Evening News 26th September 1884


      LOANHEAD – To Sell or Let, in whole or part, that splendid stone-built FACTORY, lately occupied by the Dickson Candle Company, Edgefield, suitable for any kind of works. No restrictions. Would do for a laundry, Glue Works, or Dairy. Two large steam boilers, plenty Water, four acres of Ground and Railway Siding. Also adjoining, Four Cottages, Office, Stable, && c. - Apply 9 Semple St. Edinburgh

      The Glasgow Herald, 11th April 1885



      Creditors of HANDASYDE, GILL, & Co., oil distillers, refiners and merchants, Eldin Oil Works, Loanhead, will receive a dividend 18th December in the Chambers of R.C. Millar, 56 George St, Edinburgh.

      Scotsman, 5th November 1890