Andrew Landale

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Comely Park Place, Dunfermline

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Manager & Chairman


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Fife's Oldest Coalmaster Dead.

Mr Andrew Landale, the oldest coalmaster the County of Fife, died at his residence, Comely Park Place, Dunfermline, this morning. was his 88th year. He began life as a manager at collieries in the Lothians, and in 1850 he went to Fife as manager of the Lochgelly Iron and Coal Company's works.

He became Managing Director the Lochgelly Iron and Coal Company on it being floated into a Limited Liability Company. He was for long time resident the burgh of Lochgelly, and was for several years the Chief Magistrate. He was also for some years Chairman of the Lochgelly School Board, and up till recently was a prominent member the Fife and Clackmannan Association. Our Lochgelly correspondent wires: - The death of Andrew Landale, ex-Provost of Lochgelly, which occurred at Dunfermline this morning, was received here with general feelings of regret. The deceased for nearly half a century was General Manager of the Lochgelly Coal Company and took a very active interest coal affairs. On the formation of the burgh in 1881 he was elected Chief Magistrate, and retained that office till his retirement, nine years ago. He was for many years Chairman of Lochgelly School Board.

Evening Telegraph, 16th September 1903