Scottish shale Scottish shale

Kipsyke huts

West Calder, Midlothian
Local authority:
West Lothian
Coltness Iron Company
Built c.1870
Demolished c.1884
Current status of site:
Forest and moorland

A remote settlement of eight dwellings, referred to as Kipsyke Cottages or Kipsyke Huts in the 1871 census, property of Mungle & Thornton, the proprietors of Cobbinshaw North Paraffin Oil Works.

The precise location of the settlement is not known, but it seems likely to have been close the company's mines (55.817009,-3.578546), located to the south west of Kipsyke farm (55.817009, -3.578546). The company also constructed housing at North Cobbinshaw. Kipsyke was largely uninhabited following closure of the oil works c.1875, although used for a short period by the Coltness Iron Company presumably as temporary housing for staff engaged in coal mining in the area west of Auchengray.

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