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East Hermand (village)

West Calder, Midlothian
Local authority:
West Lothian

The East Hermand Oil Works was a substantial enterprise, but operated for less than five years. Among the assets of the company put up for sale in December 1872 were 10 single workman's houses and 4 double workman's houses. A further sales notice in 1874 refers to "a number of workman's houses". Little evidence of the oil works or any associated housing is shown on the 1895 OS map, therefore it might be imagined that the housing was demolished or dismantled along with the oil works.

It could be that housing at East Hermand was of a temporary nature; an account of a drunken brawl in March 1871 makes reference to oil works labourers being lodgers at "Hermand Huts". A notice printed in the Falkirk Herald, on 28th December 1871 records the birth of a daughter to Mrs Wm. Buchan at "East Hermand Oil Works".

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