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Burngrange Cottages

West Calder, Midlothian
Local authority:
West Lothian
Presumably constructed c. 1866
Present on the 1907 OS map, but absent, with other buildings, on site by 1950's OS map
Current status of site:
Site of industrial unit (black pudding and haggis factory)

The 1868 sale notice for the short-lived Burngrange Oil Works included "Workmen's Houses and Stable". The oil works seem to have been demolished shortly after the sale, however it is assumed that workman's houses are those marked on the 1895 and 1907 OS maps as "Burngrange Cottages". Census records from 1871 show five families (four in 1901) to be resident at Burngrange Cottages.

It should be noted that this site are not related to the existing Burngrange Cottages, situated about 300m to the east, (55.848042, -3.580508); a street mainly of four-in-a-block local authority housing, built probably in the 1930's.

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