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Binnend village

Alternative names:
High Binn, Low Binn
Former parish and county:
Parish of Burntisland, Fifeshire
Local authority:
Built during the 1880's
Village closed in 1931 and was gradually demolished, with the last residents leaving in 1954
Current status of site:
Wall lines of much of the western area of the village are still apparent beneath the undergrowth

Set at the top of an escarpment, high above the Binnend Oil Works, High or Upper Binn village consisted of twelve rows of substantially built stone buildings. Seven of these containing eight dwellings, five containing six dwellings. All homes appear to have had two rooms. The village was serviced with a school, a Free Church Mission Hall and a football pitch. Oil workers were also housed at Low Binn village.

(See The Binnend Oilworks and The Binn Villages, Walter M. Stephen 1968.)

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