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Middleton Hall - housing

Uphall, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
Built c.1922
All extant
Current status of site:
In good order, in private ownership

Following the creation of Scottish Oils Ltd in 1919, a headquarters for the new organisation was established at Middleton Hall, an elegant 18th century country house previously owned by the Broxburn Oil Company. The Hall was extended to accommodate most management functions and a substantial complex of workshops and laboratories were constructed to the south. Substantial two-storey housing for technical and management staff were built within the grounds of the Hall, to designs inspired by the Garden City movement. Different sizes and style of houses were allocated according to rank within the company.

  • Burnside Road contains five blocks each with four homes and six semi-detached villas.
  • Middleton Road contains one terrace of four homes and six semi-detached homes.
  • Five semi-detached villas line one side of of Middleton Avenue, the elegant wooded approach to Middleton Hall.
  • In the secluded space behind the hall are the four well-appointed semi-detached villas of Westhall Gardens.

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