Scottish shale Scottish shale

Uphall Station - Beechwood

Uphall, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
Built 1880's (appear in 1891 census but not 1881). Additional row constructed c.1900
Demolished during the 1960's?
Current status of site:
Site re-developed for housing c.1990?

See also Uphall Station Rows, Uphall Station - Stankard Rows, Uphall Station - Office Rows

Housing built to service Uphall Oil Works, comprising two rows, each with ten, two-room homes and two rows, each with six, two-room homes. A further row of twelve two-room homes appear to have been constructed c.1900.

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    • " Beechwood Cottages consist of thirty-four houses, each having room, kitchen, scullery and washhouse, coal-cellar, and dry-closet. There is a small garden in front of these cottages. Gravitation water is got from the washhouse. The refuse is removed weekly from ash-pits. The rent is 3/2 weekly, inclusive of rates."

      Theodore K. Irvine, Report on the Housing Conditions in the Scottish Shale Field, 1914.


      Beechwood: This property is being maintained as instructed. The roads are in a very poor condition, and will be patched with the minimum of expense. Empty house which are in poor condition and require extensive repairs will be repaired only if the housing situation justified reletting, otherwise these houses will be closed.

      Meeting held at Middleton Hall on 9th September 1958 to review position of house properties etc.