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Oakbank Cottages, Westwood

Alternative names:
Westwood Cottages, New Breich
Livingston, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
Constructed c.1914
Still extant
Current status of site:
Modernised, some fitted with dormer windows

Presumably constructed c.1918 to house workers at Oakbank Oil Company's new Westwood Pit. Oakbank Cottages (occasionally referred to as Westwood Cottages) consist of one row of four and one row of six spacious homes, each with two or more rooms and scullery. A detached bungalow; "Inglewood" was presumably home to a company official.

This detailed plan, dated 1962, from the BP Archive, shows the layout of Oakbank Cottages.

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  • Newspaper references
    • Bathgate District Committee – Report of Water Superintendent

      We have a letter from Oakbank Oil Company, stating that they purpose to erect 200 houses at Westwood, in Livingston parish. The site they propose to build on is at the very eastern extremity of the Westwood estate. What connection can give them? Failing an undertaking by the committee to supply them, they intimate that they will build elsewhere. Mr Frew —We have a 3-inch pipe up there. They are only going to build 20 houses just now. I understand the site to be occupied is on the City Farm.

      Linlithgowshire Gazette, 28th November 1913


      Oakbank Cottages:

      The cottages including Inglewood and Westwood Lodge to be maintained.

      Meeting held at Middleton Hall on 9th September 1958 to review position of house properties etc.

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