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Westfield - West Calder (lands)

West Calder, Midlothian
Local authority:
West Lothian
John Young of Westfield

Lands, forming part of the Westfield estate on the north side of Main Street, West Calder, owned by John Young of Westfield

Annotation on 1870's plan

Land owned by Young Esq. - Minerals not let.

Archive records

Leasee Owner Start of lease End of lease Full reference
Young's PL&MO Co. Ltd. James Young 1939 1954 213942, 1of 3
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    • 217170 - Duplicate lease between James Young and Young's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Company Limited. Dated 28th & 31st March 1941. - Lease of shale in part of lands of Westfield, West Calder. The lease, bound with blue thread, is dated 28th & 31st March 1941. Accompanied by a 1:1250 scale map titled Westfield minerals in West Calder, showing the area bounded by the West Calder Burn in the north, Main Street, West Calder in the south, the lands of Burngrange in the west and the road from West Calder to Addiewell in the east, the whole of this area being outlined in green. The parts of this area which are not covered by this lease are outlined in blue, and the parts where the surface is leased to the London Midland Scotland Railway are outlined in red. The lease is to run for fifteen years fr0m Martinmas 1939.