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Muirhousedykes (estate)

West Calder, Midlothian

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All and Whole these PARTS and PORTIONS of the LANDS of MUIRHOUSEDYKES and NETHERLONGFAULD, and COMMONTY of WOODMUIR, sometime possessed by John Go wans, aud afterwards by William Gowans, with the Moss thereto belonging, now called Rashiehillmuir and Woodmuir, which also belonged to Mr Balfour, lying in the parish of W est-Calder and county of Edinburgh, and presently occupied by James Hamilton, William Smith, and William Russell. These Lands extend to about 700 acres, the turnpike road from Edinburgh to Lanark, by Wishawton, running through the centre of the property. William Bishop, at Blackburn, will show that property ; and the Lands of Rashiehillmuir and Woodmuir will be shown by the tenants. Further particulars may be learned by applying to Mr John Smith, Writer in Bathgate; or to J. & J. Mathie, Writers in Stirling, the last of whom are in possession of the Title-Deeds and articles of roup. Stirling, 12th July, 1849.

Stirling Observer, 26th July 1849


TO BE LET, WITH ENTRY AT CANDLEMAS, 1866, THE COALFIELD of MUIRHOUSEDYKES, in the Parish of West-Calder, containing several Seams of Coal, and probably also Ironstone, Gas Coal, Oil Shale, and Limestone. The Coal-field and Pits are on the line of the Cleland and Mid-Calder Railway now being formed, which will give access the Edinburgh and Glasgow Markets about the time Colliery can be fitted Muirhousedykes. There are already important Oil Factories in the district, which may be much extended when Railway transit is afforded. For further particulars apply to Mr Bauchope, East Brucefield, by Mid-Calder; Messrs John & G. H. Geddes, Melville Crescent, Edinburgh ; or to Messrs GIBSON-CRAIG, DALZIEL, & BRODIES, W.S., Edinburgh, by whom offers for Lease will received until 17th January, 1866.

Falkirk Herald, 11th January 1866