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Bridgehouse (lands)

Torphichen, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian

The Bridghouse estate was owned by Alexander Wardrop in 1842. It was purchased by J.K Martin, formerly millboard manufacturer at Hopefield and Blackburn mills, following his retirement in 1861. Having got into difficulties with his business affairs, he sold the estate to his son-in-law Thomas Arklay in 1873. In 1892, the estate owned by Agnes Waddel or Clark.



THE COAL in the Lands of BRIDGEHOUSE, lying in the parish of Torphichen and county of Linlithgow. A small part of this Coal was wrought above 50 years ago, and the same was known to have been of an excellent quality. But a fresh bore was put down last year, when it was found at 14 fathoms. It lies within three miles of Bathgate, six of Linlithgow, and 4 of the Union Canal at Woodcockdale, that along with the country sale, the tenant may command an extensive market by the Canal. The line of the intended Railway between Glasgow and Edinburgh passes within about 200 yards of the march, so that the tacksman will have the benefit of the railway when it is made. The coal will be let for such number of years can be agreed upon; and should it require a steam engine, a certain part of the expense of erecting it, as well as of putting down the pit, will be allowed by the proprietor, who will be ready to let the coal in every respect upon liberal terms. For particulars apply Alexander Wardrop, the proprietor, Bridgehouse, by Bathgate; or to William Patrick, W.S., Edinburgh. 28th May, 1832.

Edinburgh Evening Courant, 28th May 1832



THE COAL and IRONSTONE lying within part of the Lands of BRIDGEHOUSE and SOUTH LOGIEBRAE, extending to 150 imperial acres or thereby, belonging to John Wardrop, Esq., lying in the parish of Torphichen, and county of Linlithgow. The Coal was wrought about fifty years ago , and is known to be of an excellent quality. More recently, it has been partially worked, and proved by borings . The seam last wrought is about 25 inches thick , of good quality; and a bore in the same field, only 15 fathoms deep, reports a seam about 30 inches thick; and it is believed there are other seam of greater thickness at a greater depth. Ball Ironstone, of a superior quality , has been found at a few fathoms from the surface. A pit was lately sunk and fitted up with steam machinery for working the coal, and which was very recently repaired. Specimens of the coal and ironstone will be seen at Bridgehouse, and a person there will point out the boundaries. It lies within three miles of Bathgate, six of Linlithgow, and four and a half of the Union Canal at Woodcockdale; so that along with the country sale, the tenant may command an extensive market by the Canal. Besides, a branch of the Slamannan Railway cuts a corner of the lands, and which, when formed, will open up to him both the Edinburgh and the Glasgow market. Offers (post-paid ) for a lease, at a fixed rent yearly or , in the option of the proprietor, of a Lordship, may be addressed to JOHN SMITH , writer , Bathgate , who will inform as to farther parliculars Bridgehouse, 14th Feb. 1839

The Scotsman, 13th February 1839


ELIGIBLE INVESTMENT IN LAND by Private Bargain THE ESTATE OF BRIDGEHOUSE in the Parish of Torphichen and County of Linlithgow containing 221 or thereby imperial measure. The Mansion-House Farm Buildings and Cottages are in order and conveniently situated. A station of the NB Railway adjoins the Lands which lie midway between Edinburgh and Glasgow. The Farm Steading is wholly roofed in and plentifully supplied with water The Lands with the exception of few acres are let on lease have been farmed by the Proprietor during the last ten years and are present in permanent Pasture of excellent quality The minerals so far proved consist of Coal and Ironstone samples of which can be shown. Particulars on application to the Proprietor Mr Arklay Bridgehouse by Bathgate who will negotiate sale of the Property at moderate price

West Lothian Courier, 18th July 1885