Scottish shale Scottish shale

Inchcross (lands)

Bathgate, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian

Valuation rolls for 1855 show land owned by J. Rankin. From 1865 rolls record that the land was owned by James Young, later by John Young. Annotation on 1870's lease plan indicate land owned by J. Young esq. and minerals leased by Mr. Simpson

Newspaper References


For Sale, about 3000 Tons, taken from the lands of Inchcross. Analysis by Dr. Macadam proves it equal to the finest Torbanehill Mineral or Boghead Coal, For particulars apply to Mr M'Kinlay, Hardhill, by Bathgate.

The Scotsman 5th July 1871



To be Sold, by Public Roup, within the Faculty of Procurator's Hall, St George's Place, Glasgow, Upon Wednesday the 16th day of June, 1880, at 1.30 o'clock Afternoon (unless previously disposed of by Private Bargain), ALL and WHOLE the METALS and MINERALS in the LANDS of INCHCROSS lying within the Parish of Bathgate and County of Linlithgow. The Lands extend to nearly 100 Acres, and the Metals and Minerals consist of Common Coal, Gas or Parrot (Torbanehill) Coal, Fireclay, Iron Ore, Shale, Limestone. and others.

The Lands match with the Estates of Torbanehill and Boghead, and adjoin the Mineral fields presently being worked by Messrs Henry Walker &Son, and Gavin Paul, coalmasters, Bathgate, The Lands are intersected by the Morningside branch of the North British Railway Company. The Purchaser will have right to use of Shafts presently on the lands; Land may have the Plant, &c., thereat at mutual valunation. For further particulars, apply to Messrs Drummond & Reid, W ,S. 21 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh; or to James Aitken, Solicitor, Bathgate - the latter of whom has the titles and Articles of Roup.

Glasgow Herald, 2nd June 1880



There will exposed Sale by Public Roup within Dowell’s Rooms No 18 George Street Edinburgh on WEDNESDAY the 14th day of January 1885 Two o’Clock afternoon (in virtue of powers Sale) and Whole the METALS MINERALS the Lands of INCHCROSS lying within the Parish of Bathgate and County of Linlithgow the Upset Price of £1500 The Lands extend to nearly 100 Acres Metals Minerals consist of Parrot (Torbanehill) Coal, Fireclay Iron-ore Limestone and others The Lands which are intersected by the Morningside branch of North British Railway Company march with the Estates of Torbanehill and and adjoin other mineral fields Apply to J L HILL & Co WS 42 Frederick Street Edinburgh who are possession of Title Deeds and articles of roup

West Lothian Courier, 3rd January 1885