Scottish shale Scottish shale

Gormyre (lands)

Torphichen, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian

Lands in the parish of Torphichen. Very small scale coal working took place at Gormyre mine.



The extensive COAL in the Lands of GORMYRE, belonging to Mr. David Gilles, lying in the Parish of Torphichen and shire of Linlithgow. The coal is situated very near the road between Linlithgow and Bathgate, and from its easy access and vicinity to that town, Torphichen, and the neighbourhood must with a very extensive sale; beside there will be a considerable demand for it on account fo the different lime-works carried on in the neighbourhood. The seam of the coal is between five and six feet thick and is level-free. Any person choosing to tak the above coal may apply to Walter Nisbet, writer in Edinburgh.

Caledonian Mercury, 31st October 1793