Scottish shale Scottish shale

Fauldhouse (lands)

Whitburn, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian

Annotation on 1870's plan

  • Land owned by Russell Esq. - Minerals let to Dixon, Simpson, and others



To be SOLD by public roup, within the Royal Exchange Coffeehouse, Edinburgh, on Wednesday the 2d day of October next, at two o'clock afternoon, (if not previously disposed of by private bargain)

  1. THE LANDS of FALLHOUSE:, Comprehending the following Farms, via. BENTHEAD. KNAPPENS, MIDRAW, TARRYJEWS, and FALLHOUSE, situated in the parish of Whitburn and county of Lanark. The property extends to about 445 acres, of which about 212 acres are good dry arable land, and the remainder, muir and moss pasture. A great part of the lands are inclosed and subdivided. The different Farms were all let within these two years on leases for eleven years. The old Hamilton road runs through the centre of Fallhouse village, 16 and the proposed new road to Hamilton is to pass near to the lands. the value of them will thereby be much enhanced. To ensure a sale,- these lands will be exposed at an upset price of not more than Twenty Years purchase of the Rents payable under the new leases, after deducting public burdens.
  2. The LANDS of STARRYSHAW, extending to 480 acres, or thereby, of which 89 acres are arable and meadow, and the remainder good pasture land. This farm was let at the same time as the lands before described, and will be exposed at an equally low upset price.
  3. The I.ANDS of BOWHOUSEBOG, extending to 340 acres, or thereby, of which about 224 acres are arable, and the remainder moss, &c. These lands have a southern exposure, and the arable portion is of excellent quality, with a dry bottom.
  4. WOODMUIR, consisting of about 170 acres of muir pasture, situated hs the parish of West Calder, and county of Edinburgh.

There seems no doubt that the Lands of Starryshaw and Benthead abound in coal and other minerals; indeed these lands lie in the immediate vicinity of the collieries of Benhaur, which are well known to afford coal of the best quality, and the workings of which are carried coal within a few yards of the marches of the above lands. The whole farms above advertised are situated within a short dirtance of the Shotts Iron Works, where the produce is readily disposed of.

The lands will be shown by the tenants ; and for farther particulars and application may be made to Mr Bauchope, Brucefield, by Mid-Cader, or to John M'Kean or James Auchinleck Cheyne, accountants, Edinburgh.

Caledonian Mercury, 12th September 1822


CROFTHEAD. Fifty Miners Imprisoned a Coal-Pit. About nine o'clock Wednesday morning, the pithead frame the coal and iron-stone pit at Fallahill, in the occupation of Thomas Thornton, Esq. coalmaster, Crofthead, gave way, happily without any injury to the men employed at the pithead. About fifty men and boys were at the time working the pit, and for a time all communication between them and the pithead was cut off. No time, however, was lost in erecting a windlass, and the men were all safely got up during the afternoon.

Falkirk Herald, 11th June 1870

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