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Colinshiel (lands)


To be let for fifteen Years, THE COAL in the LANDS OF MUIRHALL and COLINSHIEL, of which there are two seams, each about 30 inches thick, one of them ascertained by several bores, and by a pit eight fathoms deep, which, on trial, proved to be a hard and clear burning coal. The other is the COLINBURN COAL, well known to be of an excellent quality; the crop of it having been wrought by means of a level, for a long period of years, On the Barbachlaw Estate, close to the whole west march of Muirhall, and to the west, and part of the south march of Colinshiell, dipping into these lands at the rate of one in ten or twelve. This scans has been found, by a bore, at the depth of twelve fathoms, in the lands of Muirhall, at a considerable distance from the Barbauchlaw march. The situation is favourable for a country sale, about two miles from Bathgate and Torphichen, with good roads, free of toll, and within three miles of the limeklnas on the Balbardie, Bathgate, and Kirkton estates, and nearer to them than the collieries from whence their supplies of coal are now, and for many years, have been got. Information as to particulars may he got by applying to Mr James Thomson at Muirhall, or to Mr Sandilands, North St Andrew's Street, Edinburgh.

Caledonian Mercury 7th July 1817