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Murieston (lands)

Midcalder, Midlothian
Local authority:
West Lothian


COMPACT ESTATE IN MID LOTHIAN, AND RESIDENCE WITHIN FIFTEEN MILES OF EDINBURGH, FOR SALE. on To be SOLD by public roup, within the Waterloo Hotel, on Wednesday the 28th day of July next, at two o'clock afternoon, if not preciously disposed of by private bargain, the two following PROPERTIES, lying contiguous, consistitig in whole of 300 acres, and forming one of' the most compact estates now for sale in the county of Edinburgh. As they belong to two different proprietors, they must be exposed in separate lots.

Lot 1st, The LANDS of WESTFIELD and THORN, consisting of about 123 acres, divided into fields, surrounded with hedge row trees, and belts of planting, whereof 92 acres are arable, and the remaining 31 acres consist of valuable wood in a thriving state, the great part of which is of such age as to be fit for immediate use, and may be cut without injurlng the appearance of the property. There is a good Dwelling house, with Garden and suitable Offices, on this lot. The house is fit for the acconmmodation of a genteel family, and the whole has been in the natural occupation of the proprietor for many years past.

Lot 2d, The LANDS of WESTER MURIESTON has and CANNIEHOLE, immediately adjoining to the other lot, and bounded on the south by the water of Calder or Torphin. This propertyconsists of 186 acres in whole, whereof 158 acres are arable, sad 28 acres under wood, and is divided into two separate farms, with convenient steadings on each, newly built, and in the most complete order. The whole has either been let in grass, from year to year, or been in the proprietor's hands, undergoing a regular improvement.

Both lots hold of subjects superior, for payment of elusory feu-duties, with taxed entries, and the public burdens are trifling. There is believed to be both coal and lime within these properties, and a going lime-work within a few hundred yards. They are most desirably situated, being within 15 or so miles of town, three of MidCalder, and two of West Calder, with good roads in every direction, daily posts and have markets, and coaches passing and repassing every two or three hours. The neighbourhood is excellent, having many gentlemen's seats in the vicinity, and from the quantity of woods upon both properties, as well as on the surrounding grounds; and from the abundance of streams, a more desirable property in point of amenity, and possessing many advantages for the residence of a family, is seldom to be met with in the neighbourhood of the capital. For particulars apply to Messrs Youngs, Aytoun, and Rutherford, or Walter Dickson W. S.; or to David Patterson, acountant, Castle Street, any of whom will show the plans and particlulars of both properties.

Caledonian Mercury, 21st June 1824


COMPACT ESTATE MID-LOTHIAN, AND RESIDENCE WITHIN 15 MILES EDINBURGH, FOR SALE, be Sold by public roup, within the Waterloo Hotel, on Wednesday the 24th day of September 1828, at two o-'clock afternoon, if not previously disposed of by private bargain, THE LANDS and ESTATE of WESTFIELD, and WESTER MURIESTON, lying in the parish of Mid-Calder, within 15 miles of Edinburgh, three of Mid Calder, and two of West-Calder, with excellent roads and public conveyances passing every direction.

The property consists in whole of 311 Scots acres, or 392 acres Imperial measure, of which about 60 acres are under wood, part of which is of an age fit for immediate use, and may be disposed of without injuring the appearanee of the propeny, and the remainder is of different ages coming in succession for all kinds of farm The whole Estate is well inclosed and subdivided, and in good heart and condition, having been mostly in the Proprietor's hands for some years past under a course of improvement. There a good Mansion-house fit for the accommodation of a large family, with Gardens and suitable Offices on the property, and several fields in grass surrounding the house.

The remainder of the Estate consists of THREE FARMS, with convenient Steadings (two which are entirely new) for carrying on the Daily System, for which the lands are excellently adapted, and substantial tenants ready to take them from year to year, or in lease. There is abundance of lime rock within the grounds, and a going lime kiln on the next adjoining property. The water of Calder or Torphin, which is the feeder of the Union Canal, forms the southern boundary of the property, the banks of which are all wooded; and, from the quantity of planting on the estate, as well as on the surrounding grounds, a more desirable purchase in point amenity and profit, as possessing so many advantages for the residence family, is seldom to be net with in the neighbourhood of the capital. If more agreeable to purchasers, the estate may be divided into two lots. The one comprising Westfield House and Parks, and the Thorn Farm of about 128 acres; and the other lot, the Farms Wester Murieston and Canniehole, consisting of 184 acres, Scots measure. For particulars apply to Messrs Youngs, Ayton, and Rutherford, W. S. ; or Thomas Bauchop, Brucefield, by Midcalder, who will show the plan and particulars, and treat for a sale by private bargain. George Falconer, the overseer at Canniehole, will show the grounds.

Edinburgh Evening Courant, 7th August 1828


ESTATE IN MID-LOTHIAN, with A FREEHOLD QUALIFICATION, AND COMMODIOUS MANSION-HOUSE AND OFFICES, WITHIN FOURTEEN MILES OF EDINBURGH. For Sale, THE LANDS of MURIESTON and DRESSELRIG in the parish of Mid-Calder, consisting in whole of 164 acres, now occupied, in two separate divisions.

  1. MURIESTON, with the mansion house and Offices, in the natural possession of the proprietor; consistsof 62 acres of arable land, and 21 of plantations. The water of Calder, flowing from Cobinshaw Reservoir, runs through the property, the banks of which are covered with thriving plantations of hardwood. There is a productive kitchen garden and an orchard, which afford all sorts of common vegetables, and fruit in abundance. The house is very commodious, and was lately almost entirely rebuilt. It consists of two large public rooms, book-room, six bed-rooms, with barrack-rooms, garrets, cellars, bath, servants'-room, and every convenience for a family residence . The offices are divided into two separate parts, one for the form, the other for house, to which last there is attached stables for seven horses, two coach-houses, and an outer-hall, and bed-rooms for servants. The walks through the wood are very extensive and command a view of the trough of the Fritli of Forth, and of the wooded country around. Having been in the hands of the proprietor for several years, the whole is in the very best order.
  2. DRESSELRIG FARM, with BACKSTONE-FORD LIMEWORK, let on a lease for 15 years, of which one year only is now to run. The farm consists of 67 acres of arable land, and 13 of wood and quarry ground. The farmhouse and offices are new and in the best order. On the farm there is n lime-post, with two drawkilns on the most approved construction, the sales from which have been very considerable of late years, and are much on the increase. One of the beds of rock is of such a texture as to admit of a fine polish, and produces blocks of bronze-coloured marble fit for chimney pieces and marble slabs.

The yearly value of the premises, including the rent of the limework, and a moderate rent for the house, garden, and appurtenances, is estimated at upwards of L600. Both properties are hold of subjects superior for payment of small feu duties. The stipend is very trifling, and the teinds exhausted. This property lies within two miles of Mid Calder , and is surrounded with excellent roads in all directions. There is a post to Mid Calder twice a-day, many public coaches pass daily very near to the house, and there are good markets of all kinds at Mid-CaIder. In short, whether for pleasantness or convenience of situation, a property with so many advantages , and in such complete order, is seldom to be met with.

There will be sold along with this estate, or separately, if purchasers incline, the SUPERIORITY of PARTS of the LANDS of ST. CATHERINES and STENHOUSE, in the parish of Libberton, affording a Freehold Qualification in the County of Mid-Lothian. For particulars application may be made to George Sandy, Esq., Secretary to the Bank of Scotland ; Messrs Keith, Christie, and Horne, accountants, George Street , Edinburgh; and Messrs W. and D. Allester, London, Street and James Purves, Overseer nt Murieston or Mr Thomas Bauchop, surveyor at Brucefield, will show the grounds and mansion house.

The Scotsman, 29th September 1830


THE LANDS and ESTATE of WESTFIELD and WESTER MURIESTON, lying in the Parish of. Mid- Calder and Shire of Edinburgh. The Property consists of 392 Acres Imperial measure or thereby, of which from 60 to 70 Acres are Under Wood of a considerable age. The remainder is Arable Land, and chiefly laid down in Grass. The whole Estate is compact, well laid out, and substanitially enclosed; and there are two good Farm Steadings, besides other Houses, on the Property. The Lands are well adapted for Dairy purposes, and are situated within three-miles of the town of Mid-Calder, and about the distance of a mile from the Harburn Station of the Caledonian Railway, which affords the readiest access both from Edinburgh and Glasgow. There is abundance of Game on the Property, and good Angling for Trout in the Almond and other Streams in the neighbourhood. The Mansion House is commodious, in excellent repair, and is fit for the residence of a numerous family. The Coach House, Offices, and Stables are complete, and were lately built in a most substantial manner. There is also a productive Garden and a Conservatory attached to the House. The Lands of Westfield are held feu of a subject superior, and the Lands of Wester Murieston, affording the qualification of a Commissioner of Supply, are held of the Crown, both for the payment of clusory feu-duties, the entries being texed and the public burdens inconsiderable. Further particulars may be learned on application to Messrs. Rutherford & Herries, W.S., 16 Howe Street, Edinburgh; and Robert Wardrop, Overseer at Westfield, will show the House and Grounds.

Glasgow Herald, 27th September 1852


EDINBURGH DISTRESS COMMITTEE PURCHASE AN ESTATE. LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD'S SANCTION. The Local Government Board have now, we understand, sanctioned the purchase by the Distress Committee of the estate of Murieston, near Mid-Calder. The estate, which is situated only about 12 miles from Edinburgh, and near a railway station, is admirably suited for the object which the Committee have in view. The purchase price, we understand, was £5500, which is £500 below the price at which the estate was recently exposed for sale.

Edinburgh Evening News, 5th November 1907