Scottish shale Scottish shale

Middleton Hall (lands)

Uphall, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
William Inglis (owner 1798 - 1830)
Stuart Moncrieff Threipland (owner 1830 to 1838)
Robert Wilson Maxwell (owner 1838 to 1851)
Captain William Hankey (owner 1851 to 1865)
Sir John Pender (owner 1865 to 1899)

"A beautiful small estate and elegant mansion" purchased by the Broxburn Oil Co.Ltd in 1899 and developed by Scottish Oils as headquarters of their operations. Shale was worked under eastern parts of the estate from adjacent lands, and ironstone was worked on a small scale.

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  • Newspaper references related to minerals
    • UPHALL. DISCOVERY OF A MINERAL. A seam of blackband ironstone has just been opened up at Middleton Hall, the property of Mr John Pender. This ironstone, which is 14 inches thickness, was discovered while boring for coal and shale. The borings on being analysed gave 46 per cent, of metallic iron. A pit has just been put down near the "crop," which has turned out very satisfactory. As this seam is new the ironstone series, it probable that a search will be made for it in other parts of the county.

      Falkirk Herald, 1st October 1868


      Discovery or Natural Gas.—Some workmen, while for water at Middleton Hall, Uphill, on Monday the 19th inst., observing gas escaping from the bore, applied light to it, which instantly blazed into beautiful white flame, and continued to burn with increasing force until Tuesday morning, when it was extinguished by the workmen in order to resume boring. After the men had finished their shift, the gas had considerably increased in volume and it was again ignited, and pail of cold water suspended over it, the temperatune of which was raised to boiling point in thirty minutes. The strata from which this gas evolves is well known to mineralogists as the marls which overlie the rich bituminous shales of this district. Judglng from the extent of the source of supply and the richness of the gas, it profitably used for oil making, heating, or for illuminating purposes

      Glasgow Evening Citizen, 22nd April 1869


      UPHALL. A New Ironstone Pit.

      The upper seam blackband ironstone at this place having been leased to Messrs Wilson, Armadale, operations were commenced on Monday. The act of "breaking ground" was gracefully performed by Mrs Pender of Middleton Hall, who cut out the first spadeful for the Main Pit and named it the “Rosehill Pit."

      Falkirk Herald, 31st March 1870


      IRONSTONE FIELD TO LET. The IRONSTONE in the ESTATE of MIDDLETON HALL, near Uphall, is To Let. One pit has been sunk and several Hundred Tons of the Ore Worked and Calcined, which can be seen on the Ground, Particulars will be learned on application to Mr. John R. Wilkinson, M.E.,4 Fingal Place. Edinburgh; and Offers received by Messrs. A,& D. Simpson, Bathgate.

      Glasgow Herald, 18th January 1872


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  • Sales and lease notices published in newspapers
    • To be let and entered to at Martinmas next, THE MANSION HOUSE of MIDDLETON, consistimg of seven Fire Room, Kitchen, Closets, Pantry, two Cellars, Garret Rooms for Servants, and sundry other Conveniences, with Barn, Stable, Byre, and other Office-houses, Garden, and Park surrounding the same, both enclosed by a Stone Wall, the last containing about twenty Acres of good arable Ground, which many be easily divided, as there are several Ditches already cut for that Purpose.In the North Part of the Park is a Bank of Planting, above a small Rivulet all pleasantly situation in the Parish of Uphall and the Shire of West Lothian, about eight Miles West from, and in the View of the Town of Edinburgh. Call for David Aitken at Messrs. George Chalmers and Company Edinburgh

      N.B. Part of the House and Garden may be entered to presently

      Caledonian Mercury 7th June 1758



      To be sold at public roup........the superiority of the Lands of Middleton, Uphall

      Caledonian Mercury, 1st March 1792


      The LANDS and ESTATE of MIDDLETON and HOLMES, with the pertinents thereof, lying in the parish of Uphall, and county of Liniithgow. - The lands lie about twelve miles west from Edinburgh and the new line of road from Edinburgh to Glasgow, by Airdrie, is carried through the grounds. They are all inclosed with hedge and ditch, and are at present very low rented, but a considerable rise of rent will also be got at the expiry of the leases. There is a mansion house, offices, garden and premises and the purchaser may get possession thereof, with the parks about the same at any time he pleases on giving the tenant twelve months premonition. The Lands hold of the Crown, and have a freehold qualification in the county of Linlithgow. For particulars, apply to .Mr Walker, W. S. George Steet, who has power to conclude a private bargain between and the day of sale.

      Caledonian Mercury, 7th January 1797



      And entered to immediately.

      THE HOUSE of MIDDLETON, with Garden and Offices, &c. It is situated exactly 12 miles from Edinburgh, on the new Glasgow road. Apply at the Inn of Uphall, or Mr Inglis, No. 49, Queen Street.

      Caledonian Mercury, 29th June 1801



      To be Let, furnished, for the remainder of the season, the above elegant RESIDENCE, with garden, lawn, shrubberies, and orchard. The house, which is large and commodious, is conveniently and handsomely furnished, and the offices are in every respect suitable. In the garden, there is a small hot house, and there is also attached a large conservatory containing choice selection plants, with ice house, The house is in the immediate vicinity of Uphall inn, about 12 miles from Edinburgh, on the Glasgow road, and coaches pass and repass the porter’s lodge frequently the course of the day. For particulars application may be made William Paul, Esq. Accountant

      Edinburgh Evening Courant; 23rd August 1828


      THE PROPERTY of MIDDLETON, situated in the parish of Uphall, containing 52 acres, 2 roods, and 12 falls, imperial measure, which consist partly of pasture, and partly shrubberies, plantations, and gardens. The pasture grounds are very rich, and are subdivided into inclosures, well fenced and watered. The plantations, which are the growth of about fifteen years, have been thinned with the utmost care and attention, and have a most beautiful and thriving aspect, and the pleasure grounds have been laid out with much taste. Upset price reduced to £8,500 . The house, which is large, elegant, and commodious, stands in the middle of an ample lawn, and commands a very fine and extensive view, and the offices are in every respect suitable. In the garden there is small hot-house, and to the house there is attached large conservatory. Uphall Inn is situated upon the property, which is about twelve miles distant from Edmburgh, on the Glasgow road, and coaches pass and repass frequently in the course of the day.

      If not sold in whole. The property will be immediately after exposed in the following Lots:

      • Lot 1st, consist of the whole of the PROPERTY lying on the south side of Broxburn, with the Porter Lodge, and small piece of Ground attached it, on the north side of the Burn. The mansion-house, offices, and garden are situated upon this lot, which forms a very compact and elegant residence, with excellent approach from the public road.
      • Lot 2d. To consist the UPHALL INN, with the Offices and Garden attached the same. The inn and offices are substantial and commodicus, and from its very advantageous situation, always sure finding good trade.
      • Lot 3d, To consist of the PARK, and PLANTATION surrounding the same, on the south side the Glasgow road, next the Inn, and containing acres, 1 rood, and 12 fall., imperial measure ,
      • Lot 4th, To consist the other PARK and PLANTATION surrounding the same, on the south side of the Glasgow road, adjoining Lot 3d, and containing 6 acres and 28 falls .

      The two last lots are very advantageously situated for villas, or for feuing

      Edinburgh Evening Courant 31st August 1829



      THE PROPERTY of MIDDLETON, consisting of betwixt 50 and 60 acres, situated in the parish of Uphall and county of Linlithgow, and within 12 miles of Edinburgh. The soil is rich, and the Lands are tastefully laid out in Parks, surrounded by Plantations and Shrubberies, and are in the highest state of culture. The Mansion-House is of recent erection, and no expense was spared by the late Proprietor to make it commodious and comfortable. There are Hot and Cold Baths, with ample supplies of Water through the House, and there is an elegant Conservatory entering from the Drawing-room. The House is splendidly Furnished, and purchaser may be accommodated with the Furniture at a valuation. The Offices are of an improved plan, very extensive, and well fitted for accommodating a large establishment. The Garden it well stocked with fruit trees of the best kinds, and there is Grape-house, &c. The Property is situated on the south of Uphall, and commands a beautiful view Edinburgh and the surrounding country. The Inn at Uphall (the first stage from Edinburgh, on the Glasgow road), with coaches to from Edinburgh and Glasgow pass the gate every hour. The Canal runs within a mile of the grounds, and every thing required by a family can be easily procured from the shops in Uphall, at which place there is a Post Office. The public and parochial burdens are very moderate.

      The Mansion-House and Grounds were in the possession of Stuart Moncrieff Threipland, Esq., till his death, which occurred lately, and all are consequently in the most perfect order. It is seldom that such a property and residence so complete, in regard to elegance and comfort, are in the market. Further particulars will be learned by applying to G. L. Sinclair, Esq., W.S., 4, Walker Street, Edinburgh, or Duncan & M‘Lean, Writers, Perth, both of whom will give tickets to those who wish to inspect the Property. Perth, 21st November, 1838.

      Perthshire Courier, 13th December 1838



      The property of MIDDLETON HALL, consisting of between 50 and 60 Acres, situated in the parish of Uphall, and county of Linlithgow, within 12 miles of Edinburgh, on the Middle Glasgow Road. The Soil is rich, and the Land is tastefully laid out in Lawn and suitable Fields, all in the highest state of cultivation, and surrounded by thriving Plantations and Shrubberies. The Mansion-House is of recent erection, and the late Proprietor spared no expense in improving it. It contains Dining-Room, Drawing-Room, Library, and Billiard-Room, on the Ground Floor, and numerous Bed-Rooms in the Upper Floor and Attics; Hot and Cold Baths, extensive Accommodation for Servants, and every convenience suitable for Family of Distinction.

      The House is furnished in a style of unusual magnificence, and the purchaser may have the Furniture at valuation. The Offices, including Stables and Coach-houses, are very extensive, and well fitted for accommodating a large establishment.

      The Gardens cover upwards of two acres of ground, and are very productive; and the walls are covered with Fruit Trees in full bearing. There is an extensive range of Hot-houses, Melon-beds, &c., all in the very best order; and a large Conservatory, filled with the choicest Plants and Flowers, is attached to the Mansion-house, and is entered from the Drawing-room. The Property bounded by the Road to Glasgow; is situated on the south of Uphall, and commands a fine view of Edinburgh and the surrounding country. There is a Branch to Uphall of the Edinburgh and Bathgate Railway, and the Houston Station on the Main Line of that Railway within mile of the House. The Winchburgh Station of the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway is distant 3 1/2 miles, and the Ratho Station 5 miles. The Union Canal likewise runs within a mile of the Lodge ; and all supplies required a family can be easily procured from Edinburgh or at Uphall; at which place there is a Post Office. The public and parochial burdens are very moderate.

      The Mansion-House and Grounds were occupied the late proprietor, R. W. Maxwell, Esq., of the H.E.I.C.S., till a short time before his death, which occurred lately, and every part of the Property is, consequently, in perfect order. It is seldom that a Property so complete in every respect is in the market. Farther particulars will learned by applying to John Ronald, Solicitor S.C., 12 Walker Street, Edinburgh, who will give tickets of admission to the House and Grounds. Edinburgh, 14th Feb. 1851.

      Edinburgh Evening Courant 25th February 1851



      THE MANSION HOUSE and GARDEN of MIDDLETON HALL, near the Uphall Station of the Edinburgh and Bathgate Railway. 12 miles from Edinburgh.

      The House contains Dining-Room. Drawing- Room, with entry to Conservatory, Library and Billiard-Room. Twelve Bed-Rooms and Nursery, and Five Bed-Rooms for Servants, Dressing-Rooms. Bath-Room, and Water Closets, Photographic Gallery and Smoking-Room, Butler’s Pantry and Bed- Room, Housekeeper’s Room and Servants’ Hall, large Kitchen, Scullery, and Storeroom. Milkhouse, Larder, and Meat Safe, Washing House and Laundry, Stabling for Fourteen Horses, Coachhouses. and Dwelling-House for Coachman, Byre for Eight Cows, Hay-Loft, and Granaries, a large well-stocked Garden, Two Vineries, Flower Garden, and Bowling-Green. Mr Young, the Gardener, can show the House. Garden, and Grounds.

      For further particulars apply to Messrs A. & D. Simpson, Royal Bank, Bathgate.

      Edinburgh Evening Courant; 12th May 1866