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Meikle Blackburn (estate)

Livingston, Linlithgowshire
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    • DESIRABLE PROPERTIES THE COUNTIES OF EDINBURGH & LINLITHGOW FOR SALE. To be Sold, by Public Roup, within the Star and Garter Hotel, Linlithgow, upon FRIDAY" the 3d day August next, at One o'Clock Afternoon : THE ESTATE of MEIKLE BLACKBURN, in the Parish of Livingston, and County of Linlithgow, containing 163 imperial acres, or thereby, with the Teinds thereof, which belonged to the deceased Thomas Balfour, Esq. of Blackburn. The Lands have mostly a southern exposure, are well watered and inclosed, and sheltered with thriving Plantations. Coal, Lime, and Ironstone, are found on the Lands. This Property has been for upward? 30 years the hands of the Proprietor, under a course of improvement in Draining, Liming, Green Cropping, There is good Farm Steading, with Cattle Sheds, on the Lands, and several delightful situations for a Mansion-house, The Property situated within three miles of Livingston, two of Bathgate, of Edinburgh, and 25 from Glasgow, and is bounded on the South by the Turnpike Road from Edinburgh to Glasgow, and on the West, by the Turnpike Road from the Village of Blackburn to Bathgate. Further particulars may be learned by applying to Mr John Smith, Writer in Bathgate ; or to J. & J. Mathie, Writers in Stirling, the last of whom are in possession of the Title-Deeds and articles of roup. Stirling, 12th July, 1849.

      Stirling Observer 26th July 1849