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Polkemmet (lands)

Whitburn, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian

Discovery of Valuable Minerals —We have just learned that the Shotts Iron Company, who are lessees of the minerals on the estate of Polkemmet in the neighbourhood of Bathgate, belonging to Sir William Baillie, have, after searching for upwards of twelve months, discovered very valuable seam of Black band Ironstone, and also a seam of the Boghead Cannel Coal which has attracted so much attention of late. The ironstone has been found on the northern portion of the estate of Polkemmet, near the village of Armadale and about two miles west of Bathgate. We understand the field has been tested in all directions by boring, previous to a shaft having been put down, and it has been found to be very extensive.

Falkirk Herald 19th August 1852



THE Whole COALS and other MINERALS in the following FARMS, forming PART of the ESTATE of POLKEMMET, in the parish Whitburn, are to be Let on Lease, together or separately, for such period as may be agreed on, viz:

1. BURNBRAE - 103 Imperial Acres,

2. SWINE ABBEY - 104 Imperial Acres


The Lands contain Valuable Seams of Parrot or Gas Coal associated with Ironstone; also Thick Seams of Household Coal and Limestone. These Minerals have been satisfactorily proved by a series of bores, and are believed to form a continuation of the Bathgate Mineral Field, being within a short distance from the works of Russel and Company on the Torbanehill property, and from those of the Shotts and other Companies in the neighbourhood. Parrot Coal has been found, 12 to 14 inches thick, associated with Rough Coal; and Household Coals are also found in Seams of 5½ feet, 3 feet, and 2 ½ feet thick.

4. SHOTHEAD, 103 Imperial Acres.

5. BLAEBERRYHILL, 159 Imperial Acres.

6. BELLSTONE, 80 Imperial Acres.

7. WHITBURN INN FARM, 47 Imperial Acres.

From the results of trials in adjoining Farms of the Estate, it is reckoned the above Lands contain workable Minerals. Shothead is bounded on two sides by Torbanehill Lands, which contain superior Gas Coal; and it is probable trial bores may find the same Mineral under parts of Shothead and Whitburn Farms. For making tbe necessary trials a reasonable period will be allowed. Direct access is obtained to the Lands from the Edinburgh and Glasgow Road, and there is a Station of the Wilsontown Railway at East Whitburn, and that Railway passes for some distance through the Farm of East Whitburn. Offers for Lease will be received Mr W. Moncreiff, 59, George Street, Edinburgh ; and for further information application may be made to Mr Geddes, M.E., 16, Shandwick Place, who has journals of bores Nos. 1, 2, & 3. Edinburgh, 27th February, 1857.

Falkirk Herald, 5th March 1857