Scottish shale Scottish shale

Philpstoun No.7 mine

Abercorn, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
Seams worked:
Champfleurie Shale
Post 1896
Current status of site:
Woodland, much of the route of the haulage exists and site of adit marked by depression


Inclined shaft

Serving Philpstoun Oil Works

An adit travelling a substantial distance through unproductive ground to reach reserves of Champfleurie Shale to the north of the Linlithgow - Winchburgh road. The winding enginehouse appears to been sited beside the mineral railway linking Philpstoun Oil Works with Philpstoun No.4 and Champfluerie No.3 mines. From this a surface haulage headed north within an existing shelter belt of trees, entering the ground close to Bridgend rows.

Available plans are difficult to interpret but it appears that the mine exploited shales formerly worked by failed Linlithgow Oil Company Ltd.

Shale-field: Champfleurie, Philpstoun, and Blackness shale-fields.

Mapped by the Ordnance Survey of c.1916, showing entrance to the mine.

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    • Coal Authority Mine Abandonment Catalogue No. 10563, showing workings in the Broxburn Shale from Philpstoun No. 7, abandoned in 1931.