Scottish shale Scottish shale

Grange No.1 & 2 pits

West Calder, Midlothian
Local authority:
West Lothian
Seams worked:
Raeburn Shale
Current status of site:
Site occupied by Stepend broiler farm. No trace remains of surface features
Regional overview:


Vertical shafts, No. 2 Pit, 20 fathoms deep

Serving Grange Shale Oil Works

Two pits to the Raeburn Shale, numbered 1 and 2, and presumed to be Grange No. 1 & 2, lie within the area thought to be the site of Grange Shale Oil Works.The pits appear to have been worked until closure of the oil works in 1871. These workings were separated from those of Grange No. 3 by the Livingston - West Calder road.

Shale-field: Polbeth and Gavieside shale-field.

Mapped by the Ordnance Survey of c1895, showing derelict land on site of Grange Shale Oil Works, but no indication of shafts or other surface features.

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