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Broxburn - Greendykes Oil Works

Alternative names:
Greendykes Oil Works, Greendykes Paraffin Works,
Uphall, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
Current status of site:
Rough wooded ground

broxburn - greendykes500.jpg

For more information on the complicated history of Broxburn's early oil works, see this overview

Redwood records that Greendykes oil works, owned by Robt. Bell, operated between 1865 and 1871 and was equipped with 100 retorts

Available evidence suggests that the works lay to the north of Broxburn, probably associated with Greendykes North mine. This is supported by a statement by Primrose, in "Strathbrock or The history and antiquities of the Parish of Uphall", (1898) that Bell's works at Haycraigs were equipped with 100 retorts.

Right: 25" OS map c.1858. The red circle marks the approximate site of the oil works.

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