Scottish shale Scottish shale

Bishop Street Oil Works

Alternative names:
Bishop Street Oil Manufactory
Former parish and county:
Parish of Barony, Lanarkshire
Local authority:
Glasgow city
Robert Hutchison & Company
In operation from c. 1858
Seemingly ceased use as a refinery c.1864 and site cleared c.1877
Current status of site:
Modern offices
Regional overview:


Redwood lists; Hutchinson's Oil Works, proprietor: Hutchinson, operational 1864-66.

No "Hutchinson" is listed in Glasgow Post Office directories of the period, but the following entries are found for variations in the spelling of this surname:

  • 1861-62; - Hutchison, George & Co, manufacturers of hyper-sperm oil, 19 Bishop St. Port Dundas
  • 1862-63; - Hutcheson, J & R, & Co, oil manufacturers, 19 Bishop street, Port Dundas
  • 1864-65; - Hutchison & Co. oil manufacturers and refiners. 95 Clyde St. Anderston.

It seems possible that paraffin was refined for a short period at this site in the Port Dundas area of Glasgow. Alternatively Redwood may been refering to similarly short-lived works in Anderston.

A further option is that Redwood was referring to Broxburn (Greendykes) Paraffin Works & Refinery, operated by a Thomas Hutchinson. It is not known whether there was a family link between these various oil businesses.

Mapped by the Ordnance Survey of c.1896, showing the location of the works which spanned the northern part of the block.

  • Rateable value by year
    • Date Rateable Value Owner Occupier Notes
      1858 £105 George Hutchinson & Company George Hutchinson & Company Oil Refiners
      1859 £70 George Hutchinson & Company George Hutchinson & Company
      1860-61 £60 George Hutchinson & Company George Hutchinson & Company
      1862-63 £100 Robert Hutchinson & Company Robert Hutchinson & Company
      1864 £85 Robert McConnel H C Patterson Oil Merchant
      1865-72 £85 Robert McConnel H C Patterson
      1873 £109 Robert McConnel H C Patterson
      1874-75 £109 Hugh Christie Patterson Hugh Christie Patterson Ground
      1876 £39 Hugh Christie Patterson Hugh Christie Patterson Ground
      1877 £70 Rowley & Dick Drysalters Rowley & Dick Drysalters
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  • Newspaper references
    • THE Estates of GEORGE HUTCHISON & COMPANY, Manufacturers of Hyper Sperm Oil, and Merchants, Port-Dundas, Glasgow, and John Hutchison, Manufacturer of Hyper Sperm Oil, and Merchant, Port Dundas, Glasgow, and residing in Glasgow, the only Partner of said Firm, and as an Individual, Were sequestrated on the 17th day of February 1862, by the Sheriff of Lanarkshire.

      Edinburgh Gazette, 18th February 1862


      ANDREW CARRICK ROBERTSON, Accountant in Glasgow, Trustee on the sequestrated estate of HUTCHISON & COMPANY, Oil Merchants and Manufacturers in Glasgow, and of Robert Hutchison, Oil Merchant and Manufacturer there, only Partner of that Company, as such Partner, and as an Individual, hereby call a general meeting of the Creditors on the said sequestrated estate to be held within the Office of the Trustee, 80,Buchanan Street, Glasgow, on Wednesday the 20th day of September, at 12 o'clock noon, to take into consideration an offer of composition to be made by the said Robert Hutchison. ANDREW CARRICK ROBERTSON, 80, Buchanan Street, Trustee. Glasgow, September 6, 1865.

      Edinburgh Gazette, 8th September 1865