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Broxburn - Poynter's Oil Works

Alternative names:
Poynter's Oil Works
Former parish and county:
Parish of Uphall
Local authority:
West Lothian
John Edgar Poynter
Built c.1866
Presumed demolished c.1873
Current status of site:
Football ground

broxburn - Poynterworks500.jpg

Redwood states that Pointer's works [sic] lay on the south side of the Canal, operated between 1862 and 1867 and produced only crude oil using 30 horizontal retorts.

Valuation records for 1866 make mention of the Calder Oil Company - a firm which had operated Palacecraig oil works and was then owned solely by John Edgar Poynter. Subsequently some sources list the proprietor as John Poyner and Son, an established firm of manufacturing chemists and drysalter which, at that time. John Edgar Poynter was sole partner.

Right: 25" OS map c.1898. The red circle marks the approximate site of the oil works.

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    • BUCHAN OIL WORKS, BROXBURN on THURSDAY, 19th FEBRUARY 1874. P. BURN, SON & McCOLL beg to intimate that they have been instructed to SELL by John Poynter & Son will SELL the Whole Valuable PLANT and MACHINERY of the above works, on account of their relinquishing the Business. Amongst the principal Lots are

      • 110 Horizontal Retorts, with Furnace Bars, Doors, Screws, Condensers, Back Piping, &c.,
      • Large Quantity Pit and Tram Rails,
      • C.I. Plates, Smithy Tools,
      • Pumping Engine,
      • Egg-End Boiler 17ft. X 4ft. 6 in., and Furnace;
      • M.I. Pipes, Furnace Bars and Doors,
      • Patent Retort, Condenser, and Connections;
      • 15 Hutches and Barrows,
      • 25 Wood Hutches,
      • about 100 Barrels,
      • 8 M.I. Boilers for Oil Receivers,
      • Wooden Weighing Box,
      • 5 Ton derrick Crane,
      • Iron Girders for Roof,
      • Lot Weights,
      • Sulphate of Ammonia apparatus,
      • Large Quantity Cast and Malleable Iron,
      • 2 Boiler Flues,
      • C.I. Standards,
      • Large Brick Shed with Galvanised Iron Roof;
      • 6-stalled Stable,
      • Engine-House and smithy with Slate Roofs:
      • Bricks. Wood,
      • Open and Closed Bodied Carts, Lorry, Boggie, Tresses, Plough,
      • 3 Mahogany Table, Copying Press and Stand, Grates, &c.

      Full particulars in Catalogues, which will be ready shortly, and may be had from the Auctioneers, or forwarded on application. Glasgow 6th February 1874.

      Scotsman, 9th February 1874