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Broxburn - Steele's Stewartfield Oil Works

Uphall, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
Built c.1865
Presumably cleared c.1871
Current status of site:
Perhaps public open space

For more information on the complicated history of Broxburn's early oil works, see this overview

Redwood notes that this works, proprietor un-named, operated from 1862 to 1866 and was equipped with 60 horizontal retorts. The Stewartfield oil works and the Roman Camp Oil Works, both owned by James Steele, were advertised for sale in 1872 (see below) at which time Stewartfield was described as being equipped with "60 horizontal retorts by Bell, with feeding hoppers on the top".

The precise location of the works is unknown, but seem likely to have been close to the Bell's Stewartfield Oil Works.

  • Newspaper references
    • VALUABLE SHALE OIL WORK PLANT WITH MINERAL LEASE AND WORKMEN'S HOUSES, AT BROXBURN There will be SOLD, within the Facility Hall, St George's Place Glasgow, on Wednesday the 19th June curt., at Two o'clock, the following subjects, in Three Lots ;- II.THE STEWARTFIELD OIL WORKS, with Lease, consisting of 60 Horizontal Retorts by "Bell", with feeding hoppers on top capable of consuming 30 Tons Shale Daily. The Ground extends to 2 Acres or thereby, and is held on a lease of twenty years from Martinmas 1867 at a moderate Rent. Upset Price.

      The Scotsman, 17th June 1872


      To be SOLD, at the Roman Camp and Stewartfield Oil Works, Broxburn, on THURSDAY, 22nd AUGUST 1872. ...... At Stewartfield Works, after the above, 60 Horizontal Retorts by Bell with Feeding Hoppers on top. &c. Full particulars in Catalogues, which may be had on application, and the whole will be on view the Day before. Sale to begin at Roman Camp Work at Twelve o'clock. P. BURN, & M'COLL, Auctioneers. 9 Exchange Place Glasgow, 8th August 1872.

      The Scotsman, 10th August 1872