William Black (c.1840-1908)

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Glenlyon, Edinburgh

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William Black was a coal master who also had interests in the production of coal oil. His numerous business interests, including the Stanrigg Oil Company and the Blackstone Mineral Oil Company , which were consolidated into the firm of William Black & Sons Ltd in 1895.


The Late Mr William Black, Coalmaster

By the death of Mr William Black, which has occurred at his residence, Glenlyon, Edinburgh, a well-known Scottish coal and iron master has been removed. About sixty years ago his father commenced to mine the coal on the lands of Stanrigg, Airdrie, of which he was farming tenant. In this he was aided by his sons, who developed the business to such an extent that in course of time they possessed the lease of no fewer than thirty-two pits, spread over the shires of Lanark, Stirling, Renfrew, and Ayr. When Mr Morgan, the American financier, sought to form the Scottish collieries into one great trust, the collieries carried on by William Black & Sons (Limited) in the Airdrie district were eventually transferred to the United Collieries Company and Mr Willliam Black ceased to have an interest in the company which bore his family name. He concentrated his attention upon the working of Mauricewood Pit, Penicuik.

The Scotsman, 28th September 1908


A Fashionable Marriage.

On Wednesday, Airdrie Parish Church was filled on the occasion of the marriage of Miss Black, Viewbank, only daughter of ex-Provost Black, with Mr Thomas Mitchell, banker, Slamannan. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. D. H. Paterson, minister of the parish, assisted by the Rev. J. M'Gavin Boyd, New Monkland, and the Rev. Allan Reid, M. A., Slamannan, After the ceremony reception was held in the church hall, which was beautifully decorated for the occasion, and was attended by about 200 guests. Mr. & Mrs Mitchell afterwards left for the Continent. Tbe bride's goingaway dress consisted of coat and skirt fine navy material, with fancy siik blouse, trimmed with ecru insertion.

During the day there were many signs of festivity in honour of the occasion in Airdrie and surrounding district. At the Collieries of Messrs William Black & Sons tbe rejoicings were upon an extensive scale —the workmen and their families, numbering several hundreds, being sumptuously entertained. Here, also the works of Gibb & Hogg, Limited, Airdrie, feu-de-joie salutes were fired, an a large air balloon was sent off from Stanrigg. Similar rejoicings took place at the oilworks (Whiterigg), the Southfield (Slamannan), Blackston (Paisley), aud Trabbock Collieries (Ayrshire), all in connection with Provost Black's firm, and at Drongan Cistle Colliery, Ayrshire, the property of the bride's brother, Mr Geoge C. Black. The bride received over 170 presents.

The Falkirk Herald, 8th June 1895