BP Archive (Thematic list)

BP - Accidents

Lists of accidents and compensation in the shale industry

BP - Annual reports

Shale oil company Annual Reports and Balance Sheets

BP - Dispositions

Legal documents related to the ownership of property

BP - Indexes

Indexes related to the BP Archive

BP - Lease books

Information on company leases

BP - Letter Books

Correspondence files

BP - Maps and plans

Maps and plans related to the shale oil industry

BP - Microfilm documents

Photographs of lease and other documents

BP - Minutes

Minutes of shale oil companies, in book and loose formats

BP - Newspaper clippings

Newspaper clipping books assembled by oil companies

BP - Official photographs

Photographs taken for official purposes

BP - Other property-related documents

Legal documents on matters other than property

BP - Share records

Documents detailing company shares and shareholders

BP - Stock and cost returns

Stock and cost returns, mainly for Scottish Oils Ltd

BP - Trademarks and patents

Documents relating to shale oil company trademarks and patents

BP - Transport records

Documents relating to rail and other transport

BP - Wage and salary records

Wages and salaries paid to shale company employees


Archive records and paper ephemera


Printed books, papers and pamplets