Robert Steuart (c.1839-1913)

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Married Alice Mary Dudgeon (1852 -1922) in 1871

Captain Robert Steuart of Carfin and subsequently of Westwood.

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The Late Captain Robert Steuart of Westwood


There passed away on Tuesday at his estate at Westwood, a well-known country gentlemen, in the person of Captain Robert Steuart , who had reached the advanced age of 74. Over the last 25 years, with exception of the last five, Captain Steuart was a prominent figure in the public life and administrative affairs of the county. In 1901 he appointed a deputy-lieutenant, he was convener of the Commissioners of Supply, he was a J.P. of the county, Chairman of the Licensing Committee, a member of the County Licensing appeal committee, and a member of the Income Tax committee. He was also one time chairman of the District Committee of the County Council.

Parochially he also manifested the keenest interest in the management of public business up till the last five years. when he started to relinquish all public appointments. Since the formation of School Boards in Scotland he was a member of the Livingstone School Board until he resigned about 5 years ago. He was chairman of this School Board for many years and also occupied the chair of the Livingstone Parish Council for a long period. In politics he was a Conservative. In the discharge of hie multifarious public duties. Captain Steuart exercised much tact and sagacity, while he always kept before him the motto, “Economy with efficiency." Not a few of the parish ratepayers felt that he displayed much economy in carrying out his public duties.

Captain Steuart gained his rank as Captain in India. where he was known to be an expert horseman. He took part in quelling the Indian Mutiny. On his succession to the Westwood estate, on the death of his father (who at one time owned an estate at Carfin, near Motherwell). the Captain became an enthusiastic huntsman. At the meets he was neatly dressed immaculate riding dress, with his bright scarlet coat, and. mounted on a magnificent grey hunter, he made a striking figure as he careered along in the rake of wily fox. His horse was reckoned the best within an area of 20 miles and few could beat it at leaping fence or negotiating a ditch. A great walker, Captain Steuart was known to be the despair of many a gamekeeper as he trudged on the moor with his gun in search of game. In his younger days it said that he owned a shooting box in the north. and there his walking feet was frequently talked about. Tall and cleanly built, with a wiry frame, his powers of endurance were remarkable. A capital shot, he always enjoyed a day on the moors.

When he had occasion to visit Linlithgow as he often did in pursuit of his public duties, the Captain was nothing loth in tramping the whole distance if the conveyance at the moment was not found to be procurable. He was a very regular attender at the licensing bench, and sometimes was a terror to the licence holders, more especially (said the licence-holders) if the weather was dull and threatening . On licensing court day, it was said that spirit merchants viewed the dawn with eves. Because if the weather was bad they felt that they were “in for it” from the captain, but if there signs that the day would be fine, their hopes rose rapidly. And they found very frequently their speculations were not so far off the mark.
A noted angler, Captain Stewart took a great delight in visiting Forrestburn Water for a day's fishing

The estate of Westwood, which is not of large dimensions, comprised three farms within the area. Although the land, agriculturally is not of a rich fertile nature, the estate is a valuable one from the mineral point of view. Part of the shale minerals on the estate have already been worked by the Addiewell Oil Company and it is reckoned that Captain Stewart was sue to receive many thousands of pounds. The “Dunnit” shale seam, which is supposed, which is supposed to be the best of the lot been yet to be wrought on the estate but we understand that the Oakbank Company will begin operations before the end of the year.

His wife and family of four sons and two married daughter mourn his death

West Lothian Courier, 14th March 1913



Captain Robert Steuart. of Westwood. West Calder. Magistrate. Deputy-Lieutenant, Vice-Convener of the county of Linlithgow, who died on the 11th Mauch last. aged seventy-four years, left, in addition to considerable real estate, personal estate in the United Kingdom valued at £7,216, of which £7,179 is in Scotland.

Midlothian Advertiser, 24th October 1913