Pumpherston Oil Co. Ltd. National Coal Board

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Disposition and Assignation by The Pumpherston Oil Company Limited in favour of the National Coal Board (1953); Deed of Assumption, Conveyance and Resignation by Robert Young Gilchrist as Trustee ut intus in favour of the Trustees for the Woolford Miners' Welfare Society (1961). The first document (2 copies, dated 8th November 1953) records the sale of a property of 1.27 acres (with 46 houses) at Woolfords Highway to the NCB for the sum of £2726. The second document from 1961 records the resignation of Robert Young Gilchrist, secretary of BP Refinery (Grangemouth) Limited as trustee of the Woolford Miners' Welfare Society and the appointment as trustees of George Robert Buchanan, Alexander Moffat, William Bannerman, Patrick Tague and Thomas Linton.


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