John Fyfe (1834-1915)

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Almondell House, Broxburn
Kelvinside, Glasgow

Job title(s):

General Manager of Young's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Co. Ltd.

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Managing Director




Yesterday, at noon, a numerous company of gentlemen assembled at an elegantly served luncheon, in the George Hotel, Glasgow, Mr John Fyfe, late superintendent of stores in connection with the Caledonian Railway, and who has been appointed general manager of Young's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Company, was presented with 500 guineas, a silver salver, a clock, and a pair of vases, and also a diamond ring for Mrs Fyfe, the brilliants being of the first water.

The chair was occupied by Mr Alex.Tolmie, of Dennystown Forge Co., who in making the presentation, alluded to the many well-known good qualities of Mr Fyfe, remarking that the Caledonian Railway Co. never had in their service one who was more efficient or more zealous for their interests. Mr Fyfe had been in the company's service for the long period of 21 years, during the last eight of which he had occupied a very responsible person, that of store superintendent, filling it with great satisfaction to the directors who parted with him with much regret, and also acting with such prudence and courtesy as had gained him the high esteem of those with whom he did business.

The Chairman them, amid greet applause, presented Mr Fyfe with a bank cheque for 500 guineas, and the other beautiful articles composing the the testimonial. which he mentioned and had been furnished by Messrs James Muirhead & Co., Buchanan St. The salver bore the following inscription :—" Presented, along with 500 guineas, a clock and pair of vases and a diamond ring for Mrs Fyfe, to John Fyfe esq, by a few private friends, on the occasion of his leaving the of the Caledonian Railway Company, Glasgow, 28th August. 1873"

Mr Fyfe, in the course of his reply, said - lt is hardly necessary for me to say that I am pleased with the testimonial which has now been handed to me, and grateful for the very kind expressions with which it has been accompanied. The salver and ornaments will remain as permanent records of your good wishes; the ring will be highly prized for its beauty and for the manner which it has been presented ; and with regard to the cheque, I shall endeared to give effect to the motive which dictates that form of gifts by keeping it out of all doubtful places such as guano deposits and silver mines, (Laughter) These mementoes I value greatly, because of the basis on which I understand they were raised, viz – as evidences of your belief in the impartiality and integrity with which I conducted a department involving purchases and sales of £800,000 per annum I can honestly say that this was my aim at all tines, and I am proud that it should be admitted so widely and so handsomely. It is but right to add that in doing this I was only carrying out the wishes and following the example of the Caledonian Board ; for I never knew them decide a quotation submitted to them on other than its own merits of quality and price, (Applause.) It is pleasing to think that we enjoyed their confidence in this respect. I did thereby lees that of straightforward business men. It was not without regret that I leave their service, where I had been very happy for years. As general manager of Young's, I shall have duties not less arduous than before, with responsibility of another type, but the work is interesting and I already like (Applause.)

North British Daily Mail, 29th August 1873



The Late Mr John Fyfe

The death has taken place suddenly at his residence, 1 Montgomerie Drive, Kelvinside, Glasgow, of Mr John Fyfe, managing director of Young's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Company. He was in his 81st year, but had enjoyed good health, and attended to business until Friday of last week. About midnight on Sunday he became ill, and he died soon afterwards. Mr Fyfe, who was a native of Glasgow, entered the service of the Caledonian Railway Company when a boy and rose to the position of stores superintendent. In 1873 he was appointed general manager of Young's Company, and ultimately became managing director. He is survived by his widow and five daughters, one of whom, Miss Georgie Fyfe, has done much excellent ambulance work in connection with the war. She was in France as one of the Scottish Ambulance Corps, and recently had the distinction of having conferred upon her by the King of the Belgians the honour of Chevalier of the Order of Leopold.

The Scotsman, Wednesday 29th December 1915