James Jones

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Managing director

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Dalmeny Oil Co. Ltd.

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  • Census data

    • 1871 census

      • Age 29, born Airdrie
      • Foreman engineer in chemical works
      • Cuthill farm house
      • Wife Jessie (31)

      1881 census

      • Age 39, born Airdrie
      • Oil Works Manager,
      • Dalmeny village
      • Wife Jessie (31)

      1901 census

      • Age 58, born Airdrie
      • Shale Oil Works Manager
      • Dalmeny village
      • Wife Ada (40)

    Newspaper References



    We regret to announce the death of Mr Jas. Jones, managing director of Dalmeny Oil Company, which took place at his residence at Dalmeny on Thursday of last week in his 72nd year. Mr Jones had been in failing health for some time back, and he gradually sank, and passed peacefully away, as stated, on the 11th. Mr Jones had a wide experience in the Scottish oil trade, and was a recognised authority the industry.

    As a young man he became identified with the industry at Addiewell Oil works, where he gained, an experience which was valuable to him in later years. He was also with the Broxburn Oil Company for at few years, after which he accepted the position of the manager of Dalmeny Works, and at a later date he was appointed managing director the company. Ln the earlier days. when shale was abundant and prices good, the Dalmeny Oil Company was one of the most profitable of the Scottish companies, and Mr Jones was, able to return handsome dividends to the shareholders, who had their money invested in the company. He was also a director of the Oakhank Oil Company, and held many other public positions. For many years he was associated with the public life of the parish, and served for several terms of office on the School Board and Parish Council. Mr Jones was of a genial and frank disposition, and was held in respect in the circles in which he moved, as by the community in general.

    The funeral took place in Dalmeny Church yard on Monday last. The coffin, covered by a beautiful wreath was conveyed by the workmen and placed in front of the pulpit in the parish Church where the funeral service was held, A large and representative company of mourers assembled in the church, and, in addition to the family and relatives, among present were: Mr Burn-Murdoch, chairman of the Dalmeny Oil Company; Mr Bruce Lindsay and Mr John Melvin, directors; Mr Tait Mr Burton, Mr Bentley. Mr Bartholomew, Mr Dudgeon, Mr Mr James Bryson, manager of Pumpherston Oil Company; Mr Wishart managing director of the Oakbank Oil Company; Mr A. C. Thomson, works manager; and Mr J. B. Sneddon, mining manager, Oakbank; Mr J. T. McLaren, and Mr A. Ralston. factors to the Earl of Rosebery and the Earl of Hopetoun; Mr W. Martin. East Calder Mr Crichton, manager, Philpstoun Oil Works. and Mr Dougal, Bathgate. The works and mines had been closed for the day, and there was a large gathering of workmen. The funeral service wa conducted by the Rev. W. Bowers Wilson of South Queensferry Parish Church. assisted by the Rev M. Cattenach, Dalmeny Parish Church

    Midlothian Advertiser, 22nd November 1912